“Yes, we can” … top George W. Bush’s abuses of power

President Obama’s pre-election support of oxymoronic “clean coal” had deeply troubled me, but his inauguration speech convinced me that all Heaven was to break loose nationwide. The relief over believing that conviction corruption was finally going to be addressed was so overwhelming that I cried like a baby in public, something I seldom do even in private. It did not thrill me that a local newspaper photographer captured the moment.

The presidential emailed acknowledgments of my correspondence are increasing in frequency, still purveying “transparency” tripe (below).

When President Bush was in office, I could and frequently did email the White House directly, keeping track of correspondence to Bush as easily as I did correspondence to friends. President Obama has a convenient-only-to-him web form, as transparent as a concrete wall.

I haven’t the energy to list all of Obama’s betrayals, so I’ll list those of the last 24 hours; two “No, we can’t” responses to Official White House Petitions that had met the requisite number of signatures for an Official Response – “Free Bradley Manning, the accused Wikieleaks whistleblower” was non-answered with “Why We Can’t Comment on Bradley Manning,” and “Grant Clemency to Native American activist Leonard Peltier without delay” was non-answered with “Why We Can’t Comment on Leonard Peltier.”

No one likes to have their time wasted. President Obama should have had the common decency to say that his Official Responses would be slow, dogmatic and insultingly regressive, beyond ridiculous.

Manning and Peltier are political prisoners; Manning is being isolated and abused by our military, Peltier is being isolated and abused by our federal prison system. Isolating and abusing human beings is unlawful, and the executive branch of our government is obliged to enforce our laws, including international human rights treaties that we signed.

I’m not going to waste more of my time filling in President Obama’s web form to write the obvious … “We Can’t” enforce laws for Manning and Peltier is a blatant lie; “I Won’t” enforce laws for Manning and Peltier is the cold-blooded truth.



From: noreply@whitehouse.gov
Date: November 19, 2011 5:32:05 AM EST
To: studio8@infionline.net
Subject: Message Notification

Dear Friend,

Thank you for your message. On behalf of President Obama, we
appreciate hearing from you. The President has promised the
most transparent administration in history, and we are committed
to listening to and responding to you.

In order to better handle the millions of electronic messages
we are receiving and respond more quickly, we have implemented a
new contact form on our website:


Please note that this web form has replaced
comments@whitehouse.gov. That email address is no longer
monitored, so we encourage you to resubmit your message
through the link above. Thank you for using the web form and
helping us improve communications with you.


The Presidential Correspondence Team

About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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7 Responses to “Yes, we can” … top George W. Bush’s abuses of power

  1. Aruna Baker says:

    Ask the wind not the President. Chilean Nobel Prize winner, when 40 000 of his people were slaughtered in a coup which the then US President said the Chilean people only had themselves to blame for, noticed how many times NIxon went to the Moon with the God Apollo. Dean Kahler, survivor of the Kent State massacre, said this year, “The Government has a duty to protect the people.” Ask yourself, does the Government fufill its basic human resonsiblities at all?

    Alberian singer Saoud Maasi asks, What happens to the children when we go to War?

    May be the flowing rheteroic of hypocracy needs to make way for the humble, weak and flawed, who know what is needed; for the frightnened, imtimidated and victimised; for young girls with children of rape, for the sex workers arreseted for being in possession of condoms.

    Those who hang AT RAILWAY STATIONS IN iNDIA TO GET TO TEENAGE GIRLS running from poverty with a Bollywood dream, to get to them before the pimps, let them govern. Let the President answer their questions, let him face the girls with acid thrown at them in Afghanistan for going to school. Let him answer for his axis of evil, to the girls being pimped and raped round the world.

    Let him confront the simple question **** ARE YOU A MAN?

    Love can disolve the prison bonds, so why is love paralysed and crippled? As a truth seeker, ask the wind, your spirit, ask the children, then the answers will come.

    Once again, you touch a chord of truth. Sing the song of freedom in your heart…


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  3. Our government does not serve us at all. On its behalf and for their own gain, the media beats its drums to convince still-gullible Americans that we must invade Iran. The wealthy want more money, and to get more money, they need to get more oil, and Iran has oil … not facilities to build nuclear weapons. We cannot eat money, drink oil, raise our wantonly sacrificed soldiers from the dead, or hold our heads high within nations that wage war wisely; while abroad, many Americans claim to be Canadian. What father wants this for his child, what man wants this for his nation. There is still time for another to step forward, someone that not only knows what promises to make, but that those promises – once spoken – are sacrosanct.


    • Aruna Baker says:

      Do not ask for “another”; Ask where the fire of the dragon’s breath will emerge from…


      • I have asked and was answered before I wrote of “another,” and I wait for him to know that what that while he’s doing is honorable and necessary, it is not enough.


      • Aruna Baker says:

        There’s a Kenyan story that says that once the Moon was a rainbow. The sun was mean and stole all the colours. Sun circles by day and is admired. Moon chases sun but is only allowed to be in darkness to be alight, and then is colour blind.

        Others who come must be in favour of the Moon.


  4. When it is not allowed to shine its light at all, the “new” moon tugs tides to their highest highs and presses them to their lowest lows. The light of democracy has been dark for a decade; the opportunity to tug and press remains.


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