Chandler execution rabble-rousing; Et tu, St. Petersburg Times?

The St. Petersburg Times headline should have read, “Oba Chandler sentencing judge opposes death penalty.” Instead it read, “Judge Susan Schaeffer recalls Oba Chandler as a man with no soul.”

Reporter Sue Carlton didn’t lead or close with the two most important things the judge said, “Schaeffer calls it a “fairly broken system” that takes this long in a case “as bad as they get” with no mistakes in the trial. But she will also tell you she finds it distasteful that our civilized society employs the death penalty.”

That the SPT is no longer the go-to Florida newspaper for ethical reporting is a shame; falling in line with the rest of the rags that foment unreasoned rage for fun and profit betrays their subscribers, advertisers and shareholders.

The death penalty clogs our courts, keeps victims’ families in wholly unnecessary suspense (often for decades), and forces cuts to vital human services that cause additional loss of lives – of innocents. Billing taxpayers for justice is acceptable, billing taxpayers for medieval vengeance is not.

“Judge Susan Schaeffer recalls Oba Chandler as man with no soul,” Sue Carlton, St. Petersburg Times 11/18/11

About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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4 Responses to Chandler execution rabble-rousing; Et tu, St. Petersburg Times?

  1. Aruna Baker says:

    Is there such a thing as a man with no soul? Or if so, how can such inviduals be prevented from killing? Does SPT want to promote ignorance, or make the world better. Although you rejected my commentary on your heart, you obviously do want to bring a better world. Just know that you have power. A better world can come, though institutions such as newspapers and President’s are not the ones to build it, unless the occupants transform, into new newspapers and new Presidents. Ones who understand the circle, and who seek to reclaim wisdom. Peace & Love, Aruna Aiyana


    • Reclaiming wisdom is as simple as watching reruns on the matter of soullessness, kind Aruna. Talk show host Charlie Rose broadcast an informative series of expert panels on the workings of the human brain that explored many things, including damage to specific areas of the brain that cause addiction, violence, epilepsy, depression, and much more.

      Unfortunately, the panelists did not discuss the specific brain damage that afflicts our leaders, courts and media, causing them to portray brain damage as soulless evil when science says otherwise, and causing some to deny science overall, turning resolved matters into conflicts.

      Hopefully, Mr. Rose will reconvene the panelists and have them speak directly to our science-denying, brain-damaged leaders, courts and media. We desperately need to know if there is a cure. Peace and love, Susan


  2. Aruna Baker says:

    I’m an ecologist myself, rather than a scientist. Education also begins with e…. I believe in those who believe in love, and who does not? I say a horror film once in which disembodied brains committed murder, and this may be fact. The heart, the womb, the hands, all can be free, but the wise say only if all are free can any be free.

    I saw the film Black Power Tapes Remix, about the civil rights movement, but made now. I loved that the voice of women was struggling to come free. But the story of Angela Davies, when the machinery of the law was turned on her to murder her, shows that the words of family also apply to society. Trust, for exmaple, is just one powerful word. All things connect, and the humble, the tongue tied, the mentally ill, the frightened, we need their gift. Yet one man rules us all, without the power to heal.

    This dark film filled me with hope, hope that love transcends. Yes, soullessness is repetitive, but birth is not, it brings, it gives. It will be the victor.

    The ultimate acts are how we are banished, with no place to meet, no time to wonder, to imagine, to be small, to be born, surrounded by a waste land.


    • I hope that PBS will run Black Power Tapes Remix; I’d very much like to see it.

      Oba Chandler was not allowed to have family present during his execution, a family that society had convinced of evil-doing rather than egregious impairment. Chandler offered no final statement, perhaps knowing of the damaged minds of those that gleefully host websites that publish the last meals, last rites and last words of those icily and premeditatedly murdered by state.

      Black Friday shoppers/campers resorted to violence to secure secular holiday presents. Occupy protesters/campers eschew violence to secure non-secular freedoms and justice. Our media smiles on the shoppers and frowns on the Occupiers, just as they smile while misrepresenting a judge who decries icy, premeditated murder-by-state.

      The elitist, over-merged media likely employs as many attorneys as it does reporters, and those attorneys belong to the same self-serving club that engineers the demise of innocents and the mentally ill to save or bolster the putrid reputations of club members. The Bar makes the Mafia honorable by comparison; the pricey “protection” both organizations offer to non-members is a Bar fiction and a Mafia guarantee.

      The powerful are confused and cowering now that they fully understand that they are neither admired nor feared. They will continue to overreact to Occupy, revealing to whom the strings they secretly pull are attached, like Senators Carl Levin and John McCain, who ostensibly speak for opposing parties, yet conspire to make our military our highest authority. The mainstream media says nothing of this treachery, welcomes this treachery.


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