Killing one Chandler against another Chandler’s will, on her dime

If I were related to Oba Chandler, other than acknowledging the relationship, there would be little I’d change in asking Governor Scott to commute his sentence and show the courage to put our money where his mouth is.

Scott said he would bring sound business practices to bear as governor, so eliminating the death penalty should have been on his to-do list before his took his oath. Obviously what is simultaneously inefficient, ineffectual, expensive, litigious, error-ridden, divisive and dehumanizing – like the death penalty – is the stuff and nonsense of politics as usual, not good business.

From: Susan Chandler
Date: November 15, 2011 1:20:23 PM EST
Cc: Senator Mike Haridopolos , Speaker Cannon
Subject: Don’t murder Oba Chandler

Honorable Governor Rick Scott
Office of the Governor
The Capitol
400 S. Monroe St.
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0001

Dear Governor Scott,

I am writing to ask that you commute Oba Chandler’s death sentence to life, and immediately take steps towards outlawing capital punishment in Florida.

True fiscal conservatives oppose the death penalty, and can count the ways it indefensibly screws up budgets.

True believers in justice won’t clog our courts by demanding vengeance against a few score, delaying justice for thousands and thousands of others.

True Christians won’t cast the first stone, let alone heave a single, life-crushing boulder.

The death penalty has no deterrent value, it serves only to temporarily shush a loud minority that mistakes vengeance for justice. That loud minority often wants children executed. And the mentally incapacitated. And those who have committed non-lethal crimes. They don’t care that innocents have been executed; one such person recently told me it was okay with her if the right person was incarcerated or executed only 90% of the time, because – after all – we’re only human.

That’s who you’ll stand with and for today by executing Oba Chandler … loud, vicious, circuitous thinkers, a perpetually mad-as-hell, mad-as-hatters minority.

Neither your body nor soul has caller ID, sir; chances are greater than 90% that any “Thou shalt kill” messages you receive through prayer aren’t Almighty.

Commute Oba Chandler’s sentence, Gov. Scott, and rid us of the death penalty. Stop putting blood on my hands against my will, on my dime.


Susan Chandler

About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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9 Responses to Killing one Chandler against another Chandler’s will, on her dime

  1. If the information I located on the Internet is correct, Oba Chandler’s execution began at 4:08 p.m today, and he was pronounced dead at 4:25 p.m.


  2. Aruna Baker says:

    Anne was a young woman with three children. She was innocent. She was my wife.

    President Jimmy Carter apologised to women for her execution. Easily the most useful thing a US President has done.

    Anne was a hippy. She would welcome your friendship. Peace and Love are held out in a gentle palm for you, as the Withering Flames of Justice burn the Earth all around.

    The heart will never die.

    Your heart is that of a hero. You sing the songs of truth. Just spot how the leaders peddle hypocracy instead of morality. Check out Vaclav Havel, the Czech President, froemer dissident and political prisoner, interviewed on minority Gaelic language TV in Scotland about why abusing gypsies is wrong. YES WE CAN. What are the others doing? And why only on minority langauge broadcasting. I got refused work at the BBC, who claimed I killed my own daughter. Tristane Banon’s book about the rape by Dominique Strauss-Khan of the IMF and would-be French President, is called Hypsocrits Ball. How correct. It’s on order, though in French only.

    When I open my pirate TV channel, you have a job. The pay will be shockibg, but the rights will be worthy of Jo Hill. And some wobbly warriors appeared in my book.

    Please be a little black flower, pushing up i a world gone white. When the barrells of 40 000 000 guns threaten you. WEll, say BOO!

    Peace, Light, LOve + HOPE, Aruna Aiyana


    • I am sorry to learn of your wife’s execution … so many are wrongful, and so few are acknowledged and apologized for. Texas’ forensics commission just admitted that a fire that killed three children was not arson, but no apology was made for taking Cameron Todd Willingham’s life for arson/homicide. The cowardice of a withheld apology is cloying … I’m glad that Jimmy Carter isn’t a coward; Annie’s peace is better assured. Her friendship would be valued.

      My inbox brought me news of the Roma people, a report on mediating their healthcare. I am unable to assess its truth and hope that it will not further disappoint you. It can be found here –

      I found it impossible to sort the claims and counterclaims regarding Dominque Strass-Khan, our media is a pox and strengthened antitrust laws and prosecutions for conspiracy to violate rights will prove the two-part vaccine.

      Your assessment of my heart is undeserved; heroes seek out foes and initiate battle. I moved my pack to avoid conflict, unknowing harboring an enemy, and now am wounded, cornered, with no choice but to fight battles avoided for twenty years. Holding the unworthy at bay for ten years – with increasing support – I know they will not win; we say Boo! and they scramble for new lies, mistakenly thinking they strengthen the old ones while merely putting weight on their backs. The TV offer delights, but you would surely regret aiming a camera on me, under pressure, my tongue and brain become strangers. When the words war is won, I’ll return to designing bountiful gardens and peaceful domiciles, starting with my own. Wishing all good things to you, Aruna.


      • Aruna Baker says:

        You confuse male and female heroes, or rather the understanding of hero at all, given the prime example of Rome, all war and conquest, and Greece, where women were excluded completely. Joan Baez said, there is a spirit of truth and love…I can tell you hear her call.

        The greatest acts are always by women, and frequently they doubt their worthiness. And one day, we will understand, that wheels are meant to spin, not roll over the paraire like Nazi panzers.

        Some say that knowledge is the beginiing, but how can you know when wisdom was driven out at the siege of Troy. The gold has never left your hand in truth.

        I was told that when peace comes there will be many gardens, so your ambitions are the noblest.

        Concerning DSK, I’m not stupid, and the gypsies themselves warned me many years ago about the danger signs. Tristane Banon is not a liar. Believe me I know. Just as when I talk of hearts and h heroes, I also know. And in this sense, it is correct, knowledge is the beginning.

        If you are a part of the whole how can your words be held right or wrong, but if you speak and the breath of light can be felt, then good will come. Try to sense the wind of change, and they will lead back to the garden.

        I must apologise because my love is blocked. But you are good guide, an inspiration and a true servant of the human family. As I said, I’m not stupid.

        Salaam (peace in Romanes), Brother Aruna


  3. Thanks for your reassuring words, kind Brother Aruna. I’ll try to remember that I need only be what mothers and aunts taught me to be, and that today’s obstacles are friends that point to paths that afford sure footing, while regrets are imagined obstacles that point only to precipices.

    It is shameful that DSK and a seeming majority of power holders abuse us individually and collectively at every turn, and so as to conquer us, deliberately divide us with emotionally-charged, invented issues that they’re in truth disinterested in, like school prayer. If I am hearing from a Source other than my wishful thoughts, the exhalations of Occupiers that refuse to retreat are in the wind, creating thermals that new, wise leaders will soar upon.

    You add to my peace, Aruna … Susan


  4. Aruna Baker says:

    You’re most welcome, sister Susan. You inspire to publish my own words, spilling from Great Spirit and the Goddess Brigit. If you use Facebook, see my page where I post now. The Occupiers are stumbling to the light, though I have to stay away as their language (99 versus 1) reminds me of how my woman May was set up as “homophobe” (of course she was a lesbian) and killed. Violence and power will be melted by the human heart and the paramount task of finding peace is the quest of the Druid. Please be a truthful, peaceful warrior. Salaam


    • I’ve found your Facebook page and will send a friend request. It was splendid to see that you’ve befriended Davontae Sanford’s supporters … of itself, that child’s story should convince every American that justice is unavailable, and that there is not a second to waste in taking whatever measures are necessary to end our ignobility. I am awaiting a document to be able to write more about Davontae to honor his upcoming 19th birthday. It’s gratifying that your words are flowing; an unblocking of the heart may follow. I wish that and more for you. Peace, brother.


  5. Davve says:

    Susan, I do not know if you were related to Oba Chandler or not. But what he did was a horrible triple murder of an innocent family. If someone deserved to be executed it was truly Oba Chandler.


    • I’m not a relative of Oba Chandler or many other Chandlers, Davve, as Chandler is merely a name chosen by my Scandinavian immigrant great grandfather.

      Florida has executed innocents, as have other states. Even if there was 100% accuracy in killing only actual criminals, I believe we owe victims and their families justice – not vengeance – and I very much resent being forced to participate in extracting vengeance with my tax dollars. To me, executions are the most cold-blooded and premeditated of all homicides, handy ploys for governors to pretend, with pen swipes on death warrants, to be tough on crime when they’re actually indifferent to crime … or are criminals themselves.


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