The Business Journal – investor’s friend, or foe?

With Orchid Cellmark’s forensic evidence shenanigans unresolved, LabCorp issued a fifth extension of its purchase offer. Will The Business Journal follow the mainstream media in allowing the FTC to dither? 

From: Susan Chandler
Date: September 16, 2011 5:58:40 AM EDT
Cc: “Alan J. Friedman” <afriedman>,,, ASKDOJ <askdoj>,, Tampa Division <tampa.division>,,,,,,, Joan Gulliksen <jgulliksen>,,,,</jgulliksen></tampa.division></askdoj></afriedman>
Subject: Pending LabCorp purchase of Orchid Cellmark, unreported, related suspect evidence: Gary Stanley Bennett, William Michael Dillon

Dear Mr. Evans,

I am writing in regards to your September 12th article in The Business Journal, “LabCorp still working with FTC on Orchid Deal.”

You wrote, “No details about the nature of the information being requested by the FTC has been released,” and indeed LabCorp’s press release about the 5th extension of their offer (link below) revealed little.

So very little that the FTC should have issued a press release of their own.

Quite simply, Mr. Evans, Orchid Cellmark must file police reports and make policy changes as well as public admissions before its shares are ethically marketable.  Their Farmers Branch, TX received forensic evidence in suspect condition on at least two occasions in related cases from the same locale and apparently did nothing to alert authorities.

A Google search using both company names shows one of my related blog posts on the first page of the results, “LabCorp buying a pig in a poke in purchasing Orchid Cellmark.” Visiting my blog and using the search window there would yield the correspondence attached below that I’ve directed to the FTC, LabCorp and Orchid Cellmark, and copied to the FBI, DOJ, Bar, media, etc.

William Michael Dillon was freed despite his evidence arriving unsealed at Orchid Cellmark in 2008, as they were still able to test for DNA.  Gary Stanley Bennett has hearings pending, and despite his evidence arriving signed and sealed in 2010, it was mysteriously untestable for DNA.  Both men spent 27.5 years behind bars, and like scores if not hundreds of others, were convicted by use of charlatan dog handler John Preston.

Since Preston, more prolific charlatan dog handlers have clouded over 4,000 criminal investigations.  And “scent evidence” is just the iceberg’s tip of forensic fabrications, fabrications that won’t be found out if forensics facilities ignore evidence tampering.

Corrupt prosecutors frequently deploy jailhouse informants – they used two against Bennett – so the number of dangerous persons at large is always greater than the number of incarcerated innocents.  Always. Please consider that the next time you drive by a playground.

Given the silence of the Dallas NewsFlorida Today and the Orlando Sentinel, it isn’t likely that The Business Journal will trip over itself to inform investors of Orchid Cellmark’s criminal negligence, but it should.  There are likely some investors who value the lives of their loved ones over gains in their portfolios.


Susan Chandler

From: Susan Chandler
Date: July 27, 2011 5:47:05 PM EDT
Cc: “Alan J. Friedman” <afriedman>,,, ASKDOJ <askdoj>,, Tampa Division <tampa.division>,,,,,,, Joan Gulliksen <jgulliksen>,,</jgulliksen></tampa.division></askdoj></afriedman>
Subject: Pending LabCorp purchase of Orchid Cellmark, unreported, related suspect evidence: Gary Stanley Bennett, William Michael Dillon

Stephen Anderson, Vice President, Investor Relations
Donna F. Schuetz, Corporate Communications Manager
Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings
531 South Spring Street
Burlington, NC 27215

Dear Mr. Anderson and Ms. Schuetz:

I am writing to make sure that LabCorp is aware of a controversy surrounding nondisclosure of apparent receipt of evidence in suspect condition by Orchid Cellmark from Florida’s 18th Judicial Circuit in William Michael Dillon’s case in 2008 and Gary Stanley Bennett’s case in 2010.

Both of these gentlemen were convicted by use of charlatan dog handler John Preston, as many were nationwide.  The FBI has neglected its responsibility to investigate Preston’s perjuries because the agency also used Preston, notably in Florida’s 9th Judicial Circuit, which obligated that circuit to decline to prosecute Gary on the 18th’s behalf – which the 9th failed to do.  The illicit initial Executive Order transferring prosecution to the 9th has been renewed twice since 2009, offering additional chances for the 9th to admit the conflict that exists.

Orchid Cellmark didn’t disclose the suspect condition of William’s evidence until this year, they’ve yet to disclose the suspect condition of Bennett’s.  I first contacted them in May about William and Gary; their belated response claimed the matter was confidential.

Floridians pay the tab for prosecuting and warehousing innocents, which is surely in the hundreds of millions by now.  Evidence that has apparently been tampered with is very much their business, each and every time.

William is free; Gary is awaiting hearings, and none of the controversies in his case – of which there are many more – will be dropped or ignored.  Juan Ramos and Wilton Dedge preceded William in getting out from under Preston’s perjuries in the 18th, there are many others aside from Bennett awaiting justice.

Orchid Cellmark silence on the receipt of evidence in suspect condition from two related cases from a single Florida judicial circuit suggests they are likely remaining silent on much more.  Purchase of Orchid Cellmark with this controversy unresolved will indicate that LabCorp’s ethics are far too flexible.

At your earliest convenience, I would appreciate receiving your comments on resolving this controversy – whatever its extent – prior to purchase.


Susan Chandler

From: Susan Chandler
Date: July 22, 2011 2:12:09 PM EDT
To: “Friedman, Alan J.” <afriedman></afriedman>
Cc:,, ASKDOJ <askdoj>,, Tampa Division <tampa.division>,,,,,,, Joan Gulliksen <jgulliksen>,,</jgulliksen></tampa.division></askdoj>
Subject: Pending LabCorp purchase of Orchid Cellmark, unreported, related suspect evidence: Gary Stanley Bennett, William Michael Dillon


Alan J. Friedman, Esquire
Federal Trade Commission
600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20580

Dear Mr. Friedman,

I appreciate your responding to the FTC being copied on my emailed correspondence to Orchid Cellmark.  However, I can’t imagine that the FTC’s Bureau of Competition is equal to the task of ensuring that private forensics corporations do not continue to contribute to America’s already staggering conviction corruption; the Bureau of Competition’s role in this matter would instead seem restricted to media complicity in conviction corruption that predates Gary’s and William’s decades-old convictions.

Orchid Cellmark’s apparent failure to disclose receipt of evidence for DNA in suspect condition in Gary and William’s related cases from a single Florida judicial circuit is something that is better handled by the FTC’s Consumer Protection Bureau working with Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, Florida Attorney General Pam Biondi, the FBI and DOJ, involving Congressional oversight of the FBI and the DOJ if they continue to refuse to investigate and prosecute public corruption that affects trial outcomes as well as oversight of your agency if it continues on the course of allowing corporate inference in the availability of justice.

Our courts and the marketplace are already unduly intertwined by specious arbitration and mediation providers for civil matters, which the media has been as dishonest about as they have conviction corruption.  Allowing additional intertwining of our courts and the marketplace in criminal matters is unacceptable from any standpoint.  Chain-of-custody of evidence must become a thoroughly transparent process; I suspect that it hasn’t been anything approaching transparent since the US Supreme Court foisted prosecutorial immunity for misconduct on still-unsuspecting citizens in Imbler v Pachtman in 1976.

The hits on my blog seeking Orchid Cellmark/LabCorp merger information that I complained of in my Sunday email dropped off immediately.  I checked the Internet and found the explanation; GenoneWeb News reported on Monday that LabCorp’s offer for Orchid Cellmark has been extended to August 12th.  This means that once again there is a deadline in securing definitive solutions for a private industry apparently being allowed to be broken link in the chain-of-custody of criminal evidence, within the knowledge of various federal agencies and two Florida judicial circuits.

The deliberate duress being heaped on Gary, in light of his volatile and potentially deadly disability, by those two historically unclean and complicit judicial circuits is a crime in and of itself.  Gary’s hearings are before the same judge that was unconcerned with Orchid Cellmark’s receipt of William’s evidence in suspect condition.  The New York Times addressed prosecutorial misconduct in the Casey Anthony trial; that prosecutors’ office is persecuting Gary due to a transfer so tainted that all involved should unquestionably serve time, foiling the Florida Bar’s continually eschewing the faux law enforcement obligation to punish misconduct imposed by Imbler v Pachtman and Van de Kamp v Goldstein.  As near as I can tell, SCOTUS’ affirming decision in Connick v Thompson this year in no way implied that the good citizens of Louisiana or any other state should be further subjected to the likes of Connick’s wiles, nor did it suggest that the Bar should not be delivering – per Imbler – its limp-wrist punishments of fines, suspensions and temporary or permanent disbarment nationwide.

It is my hope that a variety of national reforms will result from a diligent federal investigation and prosecution of the decades of brazen conviction corruption in Florida’s 9th and 18th Judicial Circuits within the knowledge of federal agencies and Bar associations.  Congress must override civil immunities that make justice unequal at best and unavailable at worst.  Incarcerating innocents is perhaps the most dangerous of frauds on American citizens; not only are citizens in harm’s way from those who should have been apprehended, they are in harm’s way from the continued involvement in government by the deeply disturbed individuals that are willingly involved in frame-ups and cover-ups as well, and the deeply disturbed media executives who assist many miscreants in maintaining the ability to be involved in government.

Again, sir, while I appreciate your acknowledging my complaint, its crux is not corporate competition … the integrity of our courts is being further assailed by the marketplace, and it must be stopped.  Now.  I look forward to a response that indicates you understand and agree, and will do whatever you can to put for-profit forensics corporations that behave suspiciously over receipt of suspect evidence out of business entirely, and not via merger that will could forever cloud any legal liabilities that affect freedoms and lives.

Additionally, I’d appreciate it if you would be so kind as to have the appropriate FTC personnel point out to Orchid Cellmark any disclosures that should be made to LabCorp in this matter.  Thank you.


Susan ChandlerÜberfeed)


From: “Friedman, Alan J.” <afriedman></afriedman>
Date: July 19, 2011 5:39:42 PM EDT
To: Susan Chandler
Subject: RE: Pending LabCorp purchase of Orchid Cellmark, unreported, related suspect evidence: Gary Stanley Bennett, William Michael Dillon

Your email has been received by the Bureau of Competition.

Alan Friedman



From: Jones, Pamela On Behalf Of ANTITRUST
Sent: Monday, July 18, 2011 9:56 AM
To: Friedman, Alan J.Subject: FW: Pending LabCorp purchase of Orchid Cellmark, unreported, related suspect evidence: Gary Stanley Bennett, William Michael Dillon

From: Susan Chandler
Date: July 17, 2011 12:00:40 AM EDT
To:,, Joan Gulliksen <jgulliksen></jgulliksen>
Cc:, Tampa Division <tampa.division>,, ASKDOJ <askdoj>,,,</askdoj></tampa.division>
Subject: Pending LabCorp purchase of Orchid Cellmark, unreported, related suspect evidence: Gary Stanley Bennett, William Michael Dillon

Thomas A. Bologna, President and Chief Executive Officer
James F. Smith, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
William J. Thomas, Vice President and General Counsel
Orchid Cellmark
13988 Diplomat Drive, Suite 100
Farmers Branch, TX 75234

Dear Mr. Bologna, Mr. Smith and Mr. Thomas:

As I understand it, LabCorp’s offer to purchase Orchid Cellmark was to expire on July 15th if not completed by that time.

The mainstream media’s silence on the subject has caused an inordinate number of “hits” on my blog.  My guess was that the FTC was waiting to see if I was going to back down on Orchid Cellmark failing to take any action regarding receipt of evidence in suspect condition in William Dillon and Gary Bennett’s related cases from Florida’s 18th Judicial Circuit in 2008 and 2010, respectively.

But I appear to have been wrong.  It is likelier that Nicholas Tsatsis’ suit – voluntarily dismissed on the 13th – had more do with the mutual silence (portrayed on the Orchid Cellmark and LabCorp links below) than the controversy I first brought to your attention in May.  The New Jersey federal court likely remains unaware that Orchid Cellmark management exhibits an ongoing inability to protect, let alone maximize the wealth of shareholders as evidenced by having no procedural safeguards in place for foreseeable legal problems caused by receiving evidence in suspect condition.

Gary Bennett’s life is still in danger due to a variety of machinations like yours, which are continually ignored by a corrupt and complicit print and broadcast media not necessarily owned wholly or in part by Rupert Murdoch.  After 27.5 years of wrongful incarceration, Gary’s still unlikely to see his first fair day in court in the near future, and he’s but one of thousands nationwide in the same circumstance.

I asked that you report evidence received in suspect condition to the proper authorities.

I’m asking again, this time with a caveat:  if Orchid Cellmark shareholders have to keep coming to my blog for merger information because you’re continuing to stonewall on diligently reporting suspect evidence, they’ll eventually going to find links to shareholder suits that successfully pierced corporate veils.

And FTC, FBI and DOJ, I’m not Cc:ing you to entertain myself or under any delusion of intimidating Orchid Cellmark, the Dallas NewsFlorida Today or the Orlando Sentinel.  There are lives and freedoms at stake, and you have sworn and fiduciary responsibilities to the citizens of the United States that make cashing each paycheck a fresh fraud upon them until you actually do your jobs.


Susan Chandler

DNA Testing Lab | DNA Laboratory | DNA Testing Company Timeline

LabCorp: Company History!ut/p/c1/04_SB8K8xLLM9MSSzPy8xBz9CP0os_hACzO_QCM_IwMLo1ALAyNj1yBnQxNfAwNfA30_j_zcVP2CbEdFAGu1Lm0!/dl2/d1/L2dJQSEvUUt3QS9ZQnB3LzZfVUU0UzFJOTMwOEFLRTBJT0U4VVQ1VTMwMjU!/

Orchid Shareholder Drops Suit Over $85M LabCorp Deal – Law360

From: Susan Chandler
Date: June 20, 2011 2:10:52 PM EDT
To: “Gulliksen, Joan” <jgulliksen>,,</jgulliksen>
Cc:, Tampa Division <tampa.division>, ASKDOJ <askdoj>, Gretl Plessinger <plessinger.gretl>,, Seth Miller <smiller>,,</smiller></plessinger.gretl></askdoj></tampa.division>

Ms. Joan Gulliksen
Orchid Cellmark
13988 Diplomat Drive, Suite 100
Farmers Branch, TX 75234

Dear Ms. Gullliksen:

Ma’am, I appreciate finally hearing from Orchid Cellmark, but I can’t honor confidentiality clauses appended to “no comment” statements.

Again … Gary Stanley Bennett’s life is in danger due to his epilepsy medications being withheld, and Orchid Cellmark’s silence is a factor.

The appropriate time to make a statement to a reporter about receiving unsealed evidence in William Michael Dillon’s case in 2008 was 2008, not 2011.

The appropriate time to make a statement to a reporter about receiving sealed but untestable evidence in Bennett’s directly related case from the same judicial circuit was in 2010 was 2010, not never.

Ethical forensic facilities are a public safety issue … we need actual criminals behind bars, not unreasonable facsimiles thereof.

Your response indicates that Orchid Cellmark already feels that it is too big to be held accountable.  I can only imagine how omnipotent LabCorp/Orchid Cellmark will feel.

Aside from DIllon and Bennett’s cases, there are scores of three-decade-old standing related convictions involving bogus dog handler John Preston, not all from Brevard County or even from Florida.  Bogus dog handler Keith Pikett was even more prolific than Preston; Pikett participated in over 2,000 Texas criminal investigations.

While Orchid Cellmark knows that phony scent convictions are but a narrow slice of the forensic frame-up pie chart, the FTC likely doesn’t.

Please share this email with CEO Bologna, CFO Smith and VP/General Counsel Thomas and tell them I would deeply appreciate full disclosure to the media – today – on the condition upon receipt of Bennett’s and Dillon’s related evidence, as well as the compromised condition of any other evidence from Florida’s 18th Judicial Circuit (Brevard and Seminole counties) and 9th Judicial Circuit (Orange and Osceola counties) as the corruption between them is – of record – conjoined.  Thank you.


Susan Chandler

From: “Gulliksen, Joan” <jgulliksen></jgulliksen>
Date: June 20, 2011 10:03:00 AM EDT
To: Susan Chandler
Subject: RE: Suspect Brevard County, FL evidence: Gary Stanley Bennett, William Michael Dillon

Hello Ms. Chandler-

Thank you for your email.

I want to notify you that due to our confidentiality, Orchid Cellmark is unable to comment.

Thank you.

Joan Gulliksen MT (ASCP), CLS
Customer Liaison,  Forensics
Orchid Cellmark  
13988 Diplomat Drive, Suite 100
Dallas, TX 75234
Toll Free:1.800.USA.LABS (872.5227)
Direct Telephone: 214.271.8337
Fax: 214.271.8322 


The information contained in this electronic message and any attachments to this message are intended for the exclusive use of the addressee(s) and may contain confidential or privileged information.  If you are not the intended recipient, or the person responsible for delivering the e-mail to the intended recipient, please be advised that you have received this message in error and that any use, dissemination, forwarding, printing, or copying is strictly prohibited.  Please immediately notify the sender or Orchid Cellmark Inc. at (214) 271-8400 and destroy all copies/attachments of this message. 

From: Susan Chandler
Sent: Sunday, June 19, 2011 12:48 PM
To: 1800DNATEST; forensicservices
Cc: Tampa Division; ASKDOJ; Gretl Plessinger;; Seth Miller;
Subject: Suspect Brevard County, FL evidence: Gary Stanley Bennett, William Michael Dillon

Thomas A. Bologna, President and Chief Executive Officer
James F. Smith, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
William J. Thomas, Vice President and General Counsel
Orchid Cellmark
13988 Diplomat Drive, Suite 100
Farmers Branch, TX 75234

Dear Mr. Bologna, Mr. Smith and Mr. Thomas,

I am writing to request a response to my email of May 5th by close of business on Monday, June 20th.

There are three additional matters that come into play as regards the reportedly unnaturally untestable evidence you received last year related to Gary Stanley Bennett’s Brevard County, Florida conviction for Helen Nardi’s homicide.

First, Florida Today‘s John Torres reported today in “30 years later, 4 new suspects in Dvorak slaying” that when evidence was received by Orchid Cellmark in connection with William Michael Dillon’s conviction, it – like Bennett’s evidence – was received in unsuitable condition – “The lab, Orchid Cellmark, confirmed to agents that the sample arrived unsealed.”

Second, there is the matter of LabCorp’s pending purchase of Orchid Cellmark, which could potentially take Orchid Cellmark off the hook for participating in conviction corruption.  If your organization has no policies and procedures for reporting evidence received in suspect condition, it certainly should; lives and freedom are at stake.  The FBI’s mandate to investigate public corruption that affects trial outcomes should certainly extent to past officers and board members of forensics testing corporations no longer in existence that took no reasonable measures to ensure they did not abet public servants’ criminal conduct.

Third, there is the matter of the prison facility where Gary Bennett is housed abruptly withholding his epilepsy medication, which could cause his death during a seizure.  My opinion is based on published studies in addition to being a trained EMT and former employee in hospitals, long-term care facilities and a mental health facility, as well as a lifelong sufferer of congenital, volatile epilepsy. Stress exacerbates seizures, and it certainly has exacerbated Mr. Bennett’s seizures to know that evidence that would have cleared him arrived at your facility “washed” and void of testable material, although signed and sealed, as it is far from being the sole current prejudicial treatment of his 27+ years of being persecuted rather than prosecuted.

Had Orchid Cellmark taken action when William Dillon’s evidence was received in suspect condition, it is foreseeable that Brevard would not be so bold in forwarding even more evidence in suspect condition.  Blocking one avenue of Brevard’s predicable corruption fell to you upon receipt of Dillon’s unsealed evidence.  Florida couldn’t terrorize Bennett so thoroughly now had you been proactive in 2008 about Dillon’s evidence.

I ask again that you immediately contact Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins and report ALL evidence received within his jurisdiction that showed signs of tampering, emphasizing Bennett’s to ensure his safety.

The prompt response I have requested is reasonable given that Gary Stanley Bennett is in imminent danger.


Susan Chandler

From: Susan Chandler
Date: May 5, 2011 7:02:49 AM EDT
Subject: Gary Stanley Bennett, Jeffrey Charles Abramowski, William Michael Dillon

Thomas A. Bologna, President and Chief Executive Officer
James F. Smith, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
William J. Thomas, Vice President and General Counsel
Orchid Cellmark
13988 Diplomat Drive, Suite 100
Farmers Branch, TX 75234

Dear Mr. Bologna, Mr. Smith and Mr. Thomas,

I am writing to request specific actions concerning evidence received last year in your Farmers Branch facility that apparently was untestable for DNA.

In 2008, I write to your company concerning your DNA testing a T-shirt for William Michael Dillon’s case from Florida’s 18th Judicial Circuit.  The shirt size was medium. Big-boned and 6’4″, Bill could probably last squeeze into a medium T-shirt at age 10. There was a stipulation of record for your facility to expend the DNA, although my research indicated you had the ability to expand it and therefore no need to expend.  I was scared that the prosecutors had duped you into expending the DNA and declaring it inconclusive.  Although it has since stabilized, Bill’s mother’s brain tumor had me frightened that with all the delays, even the best case scenario would free him too late to ever see her again.

At the close of 2008, Bill’s conviction was upset; the third upset conviction within Florida 18th Judicial Circuit involving the testimony of known perjurer and charlatan dog handler John Preston, coached jailhouse informants and other untenable trial tactics.  Juan Ramos was set free in 1987, Wilton Dedge in 2004. Altogether, the men spent 54 years behind bars.  When Gary Stanley Bennett is added, the total will be 81 years, if you help me right now.

I know Gary to be innocent and believe him to be in mortal danger, with this being but a partial list of the reasons: 1) I am told that what Orchid Cellmark received had been “washed,” with nothing left on it to test, although the evidence was signed and sealed, 2) Bennett has been brutally attacked twice in recent months, requiring a trip to the hospital, 3) Gary’s case was transferred to Florida’s 9th Judicial Circuit, which had used John Preston in a death penalty case involving the FBI, resulting in Linroy Bottoson’s likely wrongful 2002 execution, 4) Despite being confronted directly, neither major newspaper in either judicial circuit – Florida Today in the 18th and the Orlando Sentinel in the 9th – has disclosed anything approaching the truth in Gary’s case, including the tainted transfer, 5) the transfer was extended by former Gov. Crist months after it had expired, although the language in the initial transfer clearly called for Crist to be notified by the judicial circuits prior to expiration of the need for an extension, 6) although appeals are pending, Bennett’s case is archived on the county clerk’s website with no register of current activities available, unlike any of the many other cases I am following.

There were multiple weapons used to kill Helen Nardi; it was not neatly done.  Per witnesses, Gary was seen shortly after the homicide wearing the same clothes he had on all day … there was no blood on him.  Gary’s mother health is tenuous; I fear she will not be able to survive the prosecutors, media and innocence organizations continuing to rebury the details of Gary’s case.  The Innocence Project of Florida hasn’t blogged about him since 2009.

Aside from furtively employing attorneys, there is no upside to incarcerating innocents, and there are many more to free from Florida’s 18th and 9th Judicial Circuits – William “Tommy” Zeigler, John Dobbs IV, Monte Adams, Crosley Green and more.  The 9th and 18th often tag team those they wish to persecute, and trade favors on those they wish to receive wrist slaps – with 9th Judicial Circuit State Attorney’s IT employee Michael Emmons being an example of the latter.  Some of the information he leaked was on one of Central Florida’s most high-profile cases.

What I am asking of Orchid Cellmark today is that it help me free two men at once – Gary and Jeffrey Charles Abramowski – and make it absolutely impossible for the FBI to continue to refuse to investigate the conviction corruption, per their mandates.

A Florida Department of Law Enforcement “expert” testified in Jeff’s case that two out of 15 markers was a hit due to a unique factor at D18S51.  I researched the allegedly unique factor – 17.3 – and found that paternity tests found it in one out of 16,500 males.  Judy Foley and Michael Bruce Foley’s DNA was admittedly a direct hit, with Judy’s hair clutched in the victim’s hand.  Judy escaped justice by dying, her son’s drug habits may have him escape justice soon, too, but perhaps not before killing again.

Please decide … this very day … to be proactive in maintaining an immaculate corporate image.

Please report the condition of the evidence that you received in connection with Gary’s case directly to D. A. Craig Watkins, and discuss with him the obvious need to not let Florida mess with Texas.  Please advise him of Jeff’s case, so that he can request court documents for your interpretation of the DNA tests and testimony so that he can ascertain how very likely the condition of the evidence in Gary’s case was no accident.

Two of Gary’s sibling have died while he’s been incarcerated.  Jeff’s two children have grown up without him.  If this means nothing to you, consider this:

Apparently unwilling to accept an Ohio federal courts 1983 finding in Dale Sutton’s upset conviction that John Preston was a perjurer and a charlatan, Judge Gilbert Goshorn, since retired, directly tested Preston and found he couldn’t track a fresh scent the length of a football field, and concluded that the only way Preston could have provided testimony against Juan Ramos was to have been fed information.  Former assistant prosecutor Sam Bardwell has publicly stated that he quit working for the 18th Judicial Circuit to avoid participating in the fabrication of evidence.  You will likely soon be embroiled in discredited dog handler Keith Pikett’s cases, and will need to be free of external pressure to act inappropriately.  You need to know things that I know – that Florida Senate President Mike Haridopolos is the son of a former FBI agent who actively supported the reelection of Brevard County Sheriff Parker, like[ly] because Parker will not investigate his deparment’s role in Preston frame-ups.  Multi-year Florida International University “scent evidence” grant recipient Kenneth Furton showed up in Texas to testify FOR Pikett in anything but scientific manner.

Please preserve your corporate credibility by immediately contacting D. A. Watkins … be on record as being intolerant of being on the receiving end of suspect evidence.  Because I believe Gary to be in mortal danger, I hope you will rush to respond by close of business tomorrow.  Additionally, Bill Dillon’s compensation is before the Florida Legislature, and if not immediately challenged (if granted at all), will be $20,000 less per year than other exonerees receive due to the bizarre machinations of the 18th Judicial Circuit prosecutors and will likely gag Bill from discussing the details of his frame-up, unduly protecting the officers and prosecutors who cost him 27 years of his life.

Thank you for your time, gentlemen; I look forward to a prompt response.  Should you feel you need supporting documents for any of my statements prior to approaching D. A. Watklns [Watkins], just let me know.


Susan Chandler

Case number search feature, Brevard County Clerk of Courts “eFACTS” electronic fully automated case tracking system – – please use 05-1983-CF-002375-AXXX-XX to find Gary and 05-2002-CF-063402-AXXX-XX to find Jeff. Thank you.)

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Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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