Papa’s plight … two degrees from ALEC, not six degrees from Kevin Bacon

Crosley “Papa” Green didn’t match Kim Hallock’s initial description, so she changed her description. And so it went with the rest of her tale.  I believe Hallock managed to get away with murder for decades, a common occurrence in Central Florida that has to end NOW …

Offender Picture

Crosley ‘Papa’ Green

From: Susan Chandler
Date: August 11, 2011 7:36:59 PM EDT
Cc:,, *TIGTA Investigations Complaints Unit , “Alan J. Friedman” ,, Tampa Division , ASKDOJ , Norm Wolfinger ,,
Subject: Crosley Green, inappropriate Bar recommendation of counsel [ref TIGTA complaint number 55-1106-0136-C] 

Scott G. Hawkins, President
The Florida Bar
651 East Jefferson Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-2300

Dear Mr. Hawkins:

I am writing in regards to Florida Today recently reporting that the Florida Bar Association had actively solicited Crowell and Moring to assist Crosley “Poppa” Green.

When I studied Crowell and Moring’s website over three years ago in an attempt to understand why a D.C. firm had half-heartedly taken on Green’s then-death row defense (per the e-mail trail below), I found that the long-time ALEC ally (per Daily Koz) defended public servants against whistle blowers, helped corporations confound environmental regulations, assisted public servants accused of misconduct, etc. Their pro bono work was strictly limited to domestic violence cases.

There was absolutely nothing indicating that Crowell and Moring had any expertise (or interest) in intricate death row defenses.  I cautioned Green about what I had found out about the firm, but I know from what he wrote about his canceling our interview that he is fearful of losing their representation, even while being very uncertain of their motives … after all, many others that attempted to help Green backed off when they realized just how concrete Florida’s conviction corruption is.

Green’s original defense team’s theory of the crime was that Kim Hallock pretended to witness Chip Flynn’s murder to cover for having committed it herself, and there’s so much to substantiate that theory in Hallock’s conflicted statements that it’s clear that no black male should have been arrested, not even one that fit Hallock’s first detailed description.

Florida Today reported that A.S.A. Wayne Holmes said he still has a “plethora” of evidence against Green.

What Holmes once had was a scintilla of evidence, up until jailhouse informant Roger Dale Chapman made his public apology to William Dillon for testifying falsely against him.  Chapman named Thom Fair as one of the Brevard deputies who coached him into seeming credibility.  It follows that an officer that will coach an informant to implicate a suspect will abuse the portability of hair to implicate a suspect, so a DNA Mito hair match that didn’t exclude Green (or his brother) that once meant little now means nothing.  I’m not the only one aware of the import of Fair, Sam Bardwell, Phil Williams, Rob Parker’s, etc., involvement in Green’s case, or of there being yet another dog handler involved aside from Central Florida’s favorite charlatan, John Preston, who was recommended to Brevard/Seminole by Orange/Osceola.

Florida Today routinely prints unverified statements from public servants, like Holmes “plethora.”  FT often omit relevant facts; in cheerleading Senate President Haridopolos’ sponsorship of Wilton Dedge and William Dillon exoneration claims, there is no mention of Haridopolos making the first Brevard man to get out from under Preston’s perjuries – Juan Ramos – battle for compensation on his own, even though Haridopolos’ choice to champion only white men may have indicated racism that duplicates his lack of concern over Florida’s agricultural slavery as a legislator.  Sometimes FT flat doesn’t get a fact straight, i.e.; Gary Stanley Bennett was convicted in 1984, after an Ohio federal court found Preston to be a perjurer and a charlatan in 1983 … not the other way around.  This year, FT wrote about Dillon’s evidence reaching Orchid Cellmark in suspect condition for DNA testing in 2008, but did not write that Bennett’s arrived there in even worse condition in 2010.

Because the Orlando Sentinel reports essentially the same way as FT, few people know that William “Tommy” Zeigler has Orange/Osceola hearings pending in his 35-year-long frame-up.  Zeigler’s isn’t a Preston case, but State Attorney Lamar formerly serving in law enforcement and now accepting tainted transfers, including Bennett’s, indicate that justice has been unavailable in Orange/Osceola for longer than Ziegler has been on death row – 35 years.  Orange/Oceola recommended Preston to Brevard/Seminole. They used him (along with the FBI) to prosecute schizophrenic Linroy Bottoson, who was executed in 2002, despite Preston being discredited 19 years earlier – Orange/Osceola has much at stake in upholding Bennett’s Preston conviction. How deeply – if at all – Judge Belvin Perry was involved in Orange/Osceola Preston prosecutions deserved to be disclosed prior to his becoming Chairman of Florida’s Innocence Commission, which is a “reform” Trojan Horse, not the conviction integrity commission that Floridians deserves to ensure their safety from actual felons.

We are enduring the results of a misinformed, dumbed-down and distracted general public voting against their own best interests through following the media’s manipulative marketing disguised as news; hopefully the Murdoch hacking scandal will speed the process of breaking the mega-mergers responsible for this sorry state of affairs.  Other mergers just as effectively diminish the availability of justice:  I have asked the FTC to prevent Orchid Cellmark and LabCorp’s pending merger so as not to obscure evidence tampering in Dillon and Bennett’s cases, and perhaps many others … certainly an investigation of Orchid Cellmark’s policies and practices is warranted.  Worse, the FTC already had sound reason to deny LabCorp additional growth due to California’s apparently successful suit against them for Medicaid fraud, which should in turn have had Cardinal Health running from any association with LabCorp CEO & Chairman David King, rather than making him a new Director … his having formerly served with the DOJ does not in any way offset unacceptable current events that the media hides or downplays.

I have copied the Florida and American Bar Associations on my requests of the IRS Oversight Board to retroactively revoke Bar association tax exemptions, along with the exemptions of other organizations that only pretend to be of value to taxpayers.  Through this email, I am adding ALEC to those I’ve previously named; their radical agenda to replace democracy with predatory elitism – like prison privatization – is not legitimately exempt.  On August 4th, among the reporters that ALEC denied media access to their New Orleans conference were those that broke the story of Blue Cross/Blue Shield lobbyists authoring ALEC’s 2009 anti-health reform stance.  ALEC security personnel’s manhandling of those reporters in the lobby of the Hyatt is not “Jeffersonian,” it is Hitlerian, and as Hyatt is a hold-out on allowing workers to use mops and fitted sheets to save their backs from unnecessary injury, Hyatt was a predictable place for ALEC’s violence.

There was no basis for believing that Crowell and Moring was equal to the task of getting Crosley Green out from under Brevard/Seminole corruption, corruption that is conspicuously conjoined with Orange/Osceola’s in Gary Bennett’s case, indicating that Tommy Zeigler still won’t see his first fair day in Orange/Osceola yet. Corrupt public servants’ level of confidence in keeping these three frame-ups intact in upcoming hearings is so high that Brevard Clerk of the Court Needelman – a former Florida legislator – will not put Bennett’s case information online (pdf below); it’s the same kind of confidence that Cardinal Health exhibited in making LabCorp CEO King a new Director.

Crowell and Moring’s website may have changed over the past three years, no longer reflecting what my 2008 emails portray.  Texas’ Governor Perry has certainly changed from my 2008 portrayal … he now has no qualms about executing innocents, supplanting sound forensics with pseudo-science in official hearings, or putting an expiration date on innocence by imposing date restrictions on post-conviction access to forensics.  He also went from being a seething secessionist to being a prayerful presidential hopeful whose prayers hinge on the media making charlatan dog handler Keith Pikett clouding over 2,000 Texas criminal investigations look like sunshine.  That’s one tall order.

What’s right to begin with doesn’t change:  Crowell and Moring was an unethical choice to defend Green; and Green, Zeigler and Bennett deserve freedom while many Florida prosecutors and state attorneys do not … the four Florida counties I named are not the only ones where prosecutorial misconduct is serial and deadly.

Your bio indicates that you likely did not take office unaware of rampant conviction corruption, having served on the Bar’s Board of Governors.

Accordingly, please either resign or punish prosecutorial and supervisory misconduct with the biggest squirt guns the US Supreme Court armed you with – the steepest fines allowable coupled with permanent disbarment.  Please make your choice quickly, sir; none of these gentlemen deserve further malicious mischief from miscreants in their upcoming hearings, and stonewalling is a fraud on taxpayers who have every right to believe that tax exemptions are well-earned on an annual basis, not bestowed on a no-longer-applicable historic basis.  Those taxpayers include the families and friends of incarcerated innocents. Thank you for your time.


Susan Chandler

Convicted killer Crosley Green in search of redemption, Kaustuv Basu, Florida Today, 8/1/2011

LabCorp to Pay $49.5M to Settle California Medicaid Suit – cbl–cbl.aspx

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Cardinal Health Board of Directors Approves Cash Dividend, Elects David P. King as Director – MarketWatch

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Scott Hawkins Hawkins Florida Bar.htm

From: Susan Chandler
Date: June 20, 2008 4:31:09 PM EDT
Subject: Fwd: Crosley Green, letter of June 16th

Dear Mr. Harrison:

This morning I e-mailed Charlie Crist, again demanding a Special Investigation of the Brevard County prosecutors, mentioning Mr. Green, William Dillon, Wilton Dedge, Jeffrey Abramowski, Gerald Stano and Juan Ramos as I did in the May 15th e-mail below.

At midday, I received a letter from Mr. Green today dated June 16th indicating that he hasn’t heard from your firm, either.  You aren’t just ignoring me.

I found this bewildering, given that Mr. Green is on death row, so I visited Crowell & Moring’s website and found nothing to indicate experience with the services Mr. Green needs to achieve exoneration.  Crowell & Moring leans to the right, where I’ve learned the hard way over many years that there are few that care if Mr. Green or anyone else was unfairly tried and condemned to death if the remedy would put Republican reputations in jeopardy.

Barring the unforeseen receipt of effusive reassurances that Crowell & Moring will indeed go the distance to achieve Mr. Green’s exoneration, what I will write to him tonight is that I am suspicious of your firm’s involvement, and that I sincerely hope he proceeds with extreme caution.  I will send him the linked pages from your website so that he understands my concerns.


Susan Chandler

From: Susan Chandler
Date: June 19, 2008 5:23:13 PM EDT
Subject: Re: Crosley Green — 4th request

Dear Mr. Harrison:

It has now been more than a month since I initially contacted you.  Crosley Green would like me to visit.  He’s waiting for your okay.  Please hit “reply” and let me know one way or the other.  If you say “no,” please briefly explain so that I may relay your reluctance to Crosley in my next letter.

Thank you.

Susan Chandler

On Jun 11, 2008, at 2:58 PM, Susan Chandler wrote:

Dear Mr. Harrison:

I received word today that I can interview William Dillon on the 17th.

Tonight, I will write to a letter to Mr. Dillon, Mr. Abramowski and your client, Crosley Green, to let them know.  I write all three gentlemen at once to remind them they’re not alone in battling Brevard.

It will feel like hell if I can only report to Crosley that — after two weeks — you still haven’t acknowledged my e-mails about arranging a visit with him.

Prior to this e-mail, I don’t recall ever using the double exclamation marks that so many are enamored with.  I don’t want Crosley to believe for even a second that he’s a back-burner case at your firm.  Please respond by close of business.

Thank you.

Susan Chandler

From: Susan Chandler 
Date: June 6, 2008 4:00:12 PM EDT
Subject: Fwd: submitted at the request of Crosley Green, part 2

Dear Mr. Harrison:

I know that you are likely extremely busy, but I believe that Mr. Green would feel more assured if you let me know whether or not it is okay with you for me to interview him.  I have already interviewed Mr. Abramowski, and I am in the process of setting up an interview with Mr. Dillon.  Please let me know your thoughts at your earliest convenience.

Thank you for your time, I look forward to hearing from you.


Susan Chandler

From: Susan Chandler
Date: May 27, 2008 4:44:35 PM EDT
Subject: submitted at the request of Crosley Green, part 2

From: Susan Chandler
Date: May 15, 2008 4:43:17 AM EDT
To: Governor Charlie Crist , FDLE Comments
Subject: Order a Special Investigation of Brevard Prosecutors Now

Mr. Crist:

Dallas County, Texas, District Attorney Craig Watkins is the new face of prosecutions in America.  He is working tirelessly to undo the injustices perpetrated by his predecessors.  Texas’ governor is on board.  Other states are following suit.  Meanwhile, in Florida, innocence still doesn’t matter.

An entry on William Dillon’s court Register of Actions in 05-1981-CF-001746-AXXX-XX shows a stipulation for a consumption of the victim’s tissue sample by Orchid Cellmark, a company that advertises the ability to amplify DNA, multiplying minute samples many times over.  I recall Wayne Holmes’ and Chris White’s rabidly won temporary success in further delaying Wilton Dedge’s exoneration in After Innocence and fear the worst.  Unnecessarily expending a tissue sample would afford Brevard’s prosecutors the ability to reframe Dillon, falsely claiming the DNA was his, after unnecessarily obliterating the ability to re-test.

Only the uninformed would believe that Brevard prosecutors would not willfully reframe Dillon to save face, just as only the uninformed would believe that Brevard’s judges aren’t perennial patsies for the prosecutors’ theatrics.

Brevard prosecutors reframed innocent Mr. Dedge with prison snitch Clarence Zacke’s false testimony.  Zacke’s false swearing was used more than once — Zacke named the prosecutors Chris White and Dean Moxley as having provided him with the information to swear falsely against Gerald Stano, who was executed.  No forensic evidence linked Stano to any crime; several Daytona Beach police officers offered sworn statements expressing disbelief in the legitimacy of confessions made to Paul Crow.  Dean Moxley is now known as Judge John D. Moxley, Jr., the double-dipping recipient of $20,333 per month in salary and pension from the same taxpayers made to pay for Wilton Dedge’s 22 years behind bars (including the three years your prosecutors put Dedge through after DNA evidence pointed elsewhere) and $2M in wrongful imprisonment compensation.

It does matter if Gerald Stano was wrongfully executed; it does matter if other Brevard residents aside from Juan Ramos and Wilton Dedge have been wrongfully imprisoned.

I asked the legislature for a bill that would prevent any Florida governor from covering-up or ignoring prosecutorial misconduct by simply refusing to order a Special Investigation, as you and Jeb Bush have done with refusing Wilton Dedge’s requests.  That leaves me no choice but to pursue a recall if you do not provide executive oversight and stop the Brevard prosecutors from doing further harm.

Because Dedge’s frame is a certainty, it is likely that Crosley Green was framed by DNA evidence; the prosecutors maintained he drove a stick shift, gloveless, and left no fingerprints; not even a partial.  The DNA results were from hair evidence, which is portable; someone could have harvested a hair from Green’s cell or from beneath his courtroom chair to frame him.  (A New York conviction was overturned when forensics indicated that hair evidence was illegitimate.)  The hair allegedly belonging to Green was entirely consumed in the test, of course, and was claimed to have been too small for standard DNA testing despite the witness description of Green sporting Jheri curls, so less accurate (outsourced) Mitochondrial DNA was tested.

Because Dedge’s frame is a certainty, it is likely that Jeffrey Abramowski was framed by DNA evidence; the prosecutor’s expert claimed some unique quality that somehow made a mere two “loci” out of 15 a match.  The prosecutors claimed that the six foot tall, burly young father of two somehow needed two weapons to murder a 78-year old man.  Two women were arrested for stealing the victim’s car and items from his home.  The sisters were allowed to collaborate each other’s stories and testify against Abramowski.  Two murder weapons, two women in possession of stolen goods, two loci out of 15; too silly to go forward, but yet it did, and Abramowski was convicted.

William Dillon has been fighting for his freedom for 26 years.  At trial, the prosecutors declared over a dozen times that a bloody T-shirt established guilt while knowing that it bore neither Dillon’s blood or the victim’s and if involved in the crime at all, pointed away from Dillon.  The witnesses have been discredited, including — no surprise — a prison snitch and — no surprise again — Harass II’s handler.  Now I fear, as would any prudent person, that the prosecutorial lies will continue and damn Dillon to a life behind bars although innocent.

Dillon’s mother has a brain tumor, she’s waited 26 years for her son to come home.  Don’t let her die without seeing her son freed.  Facilitate a release-on-recognizance, then secure the resignations of those that participated in prosecutorial misconduct over the decades — let “clean hands” get busy undoing the damage.  A Special Investigation now, sir, for real justice for Dedge, Stano and Ramos, and to prevent further harm to Dillon, Abramowksi and Green.


Susan Chandler

P.S. I’ll eventually get to my problems that began with a loopy Melbourne Police detective who says there’s arsenic in the municipal water supply despite water quality reports and sees three elevated levels to investigate in the report below, not just one like everyone else.  If you think that’s funny, wait until you see the false attempt-to-locate police report.  Chain Gang Charlie; tough on crime, but obviously not all the time, otherwise I’d have never heard of Ramos, Stano, Dedge, Dillon, Green or Abramowksi.

About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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4 Responses to Papa’s plight … two degrees from ALEC, not six degrees from Kevin Bacon

  1. Rather than answer this electronic letter – directed straight to him – Florida Bar President Scott Hawkins nonsensically responded to a letter I had copied him on that was addressed to Park Avenue attorney John Houston Pope.

    The Bar is not a legitimate tax-exempt organization; it willfully lets innocents die in prison to protect the putrid reputations of its members.


  2. This link indicates that ALEC has a grip like no other ….

    … indicating that Bill “Tax Me!” Gates’ agenda isn’t as advertised by the mainstream media. His foundation ought to lose its tax exemption if he continues on the path of using it to serve personal agendas that harm rather than help most of us. If I can find this link to reduce the public debt over the net, surely Bill could have, too, and put his money where his mouth is.


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