Past blast aimed at Brevard, Orange, Tallahassee, feds and media … published 11/7/09 on Progress Florida blog

Sheriff Reopens ’81 Murder Case …
By Susan Chandler on November 7, 2009 9:22 AM

Brevard’s Sheriff Parker is getting a lot of help from Florida Today in making it seem rational that he take a hard look at just one of a reported 100 investigations to which John Preston lent his DNA discredited “scent evidence” expertise. There are people crying themselves to sleep every night in Brevard over John Preston’s perjuries, and they’ve been weeping for at least 25 years. There are killers and rapists that are laughing every day over eluding prosecution, and they’ve been laughing for at least 25 years.

From: Susan Chandler 
Date: November 7, 2009 9:04:39 AM EST
Cc: Governor Charlie Crist ,
Subject: “Sheriff reopens ’81 murder case that sent innocent man to prison” Florida Today 11/4/09

Dear Sheriff Parker:

Hours before the above captioned article became available on the Internet, I wrote to Florida Today and copied Gov. Crist and Chief Inspector General Miguel in regards to a rumor I’d heard that the article solidified; your agency will reinvestigate James Dvorak’s 1981 homicide.

Here is part of what I wrote:

“Through the electronic grapevine, rumor reached me that James Dvorak’s homicide, for which Bill Dillon served 27 years, will be re-investigated. I rechecked the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office cold case web page recently, expecting it to show some new sign of order since a cold case had been reportedly resolved. It’s still in disarray. The Canova Beach homicide of an elderly woman – Pauline Scandale – still bears no information that could possibly bring resolution. Perhaps there was an inconvenience factor to posting the date of the Ms. Scandale’s homicide, as Dvorak was bludgeoned to death on Canova Beach. Perhaps it’s mere carelessness. Either way, the BCSO looks bad.

John Dean Moxley is now four-for-four in involvement in resolved Preston matters. He served as a prosecutor against Juan Ramos, Wilton Dedge and Gerald Stano, and was in the background on Bill Dillon’s case. Moxley’s former long-time assistant, Vicki Clark, is married to former BCSO Deputy Ron Clark. Through Roger Dale Chapman’s public apology to Bill Dillon, Thom Fair has been mentioned in connection with obtaining coached informant testimony, but my intuition says that Fair won’t prove to be the shortest distance between coached informants and the courthouse. It very much matters that resolution for Stano took the form of being fried alive in Old Sparky, with evidence lawfully allowed to be destroyed after 60 days. It very much matters that Gannett took the low road and did not reveal in it’s summation of Preston cases that the same coached snitch testified against Dedge and Stano, and had recanted prior to Stano’s 1998 state-sanctioned homicide.”

Sir, I don’t know you, and can only guess at the content of your character. I do know that the BCSO had as much information on the incredibility of John Preston’s testimony and the entrenched use of coached jailhouse informants when Wilton Dedge was exonerated as it does right now. All that’s new is increasing public awareness of what individual public servants knew about Preston and snitches, and when. I’ve tried to add to that awareness, given that the media is determined to deliver information piecemeal, with frequent omissions. It is likely that such reporting affected the outcome of elections, and the likelihood of it being deliberate – in Florida Today’s case – becomes ever more apparent with every article cheerleading Sen. Mike Haridopolos.

I interviewed Bill Dillon and Jeff Abramowski behind bars. I believed both men’s claims of innocence; Bill’s story echoed that told by Juan Ramos, Wilton Dedge and Gerald Stano. Jeff’s story was equally credible – two loci out of 15 is never a “hit,” and 17.3 at D18S51 is nearly as common among males as head colds. My SEAL friends helped me get to the bottom of the Gerber knock-off knife purchase that supposedly placed Jeff in Melbourne when he was in Orlando. Wal-Mart doesn’t sell black-bladed knives, sir, they’re too expensive and too military. I “followed the money,” too; it wasn’t very difficult, and it didn’t lead to Jeff.

Crosley Green changed his mind when I arrived at the prison for his interview, afraid that his lawyers would desert him if he spoke with me. He was still on death row then. The D.C. firm representing him typically limits their pro bono work to domestic violence cases; they defend agencies against whistleblowers, help corporations get the best of the EPA, represent public servants accused of misconduct. There’s no case remaining against Crosley now that it’s been established that his brother had previously driven the vehicle involved in the commission of Flynn’s homicide, yet somehow Crosley is still behind bars. Crosley initially appeared before John Dean Moxley, and we both know what that means – the “scent evidence” is ridiculous – despite a different dog handler, given that Crosley’s prints were nowhere to be found. Kim Hallock’s “the black man did it” nonsense is just that – Crosley had a buzz cut, not Jheri Curls, and no ability to change his size. Statistically, Hallock is the prime suspect given her prior relationship to Flynn, and her convoluted, conflicting statements seem to make the statistic bear out.

I haven’t been well enough to travel to interview Monte Adams. His parents are in hell. They know that fingerprint evidence is in the Clerk’s possession that points to someone else other than their son, prints that were never run. They likely belong to the key witness against Monte, Johnny Galvin, who was found in possession of a TV set from the crime scene. After years of trying, they can’t even get enough cooperation from the state to get Threna Adams’ portrayal of her son altered to suit reality so that he will be eligible for parole. She never said her son was violent – Monte had no history of violence. Johnny Galvin did.

Gary Bennett apparently didn’t receive the letter I sent to him when I was searching for additional Preston victims, which isn’t surprising. Although the media won’t publish the conflict in transferring his case to a jurisdiction where Preston testified, resulting in Linroy Bottoson’s execution, I will. Over and over again. From where I sit, State Attorney Lamar’s reputation is as tarnished as State Attorney Wolfinger’s; I’m familiar with William “Tommy” Zeigler’s and John Dobbs’ cases and I’m familiar with other untoward Executive Orders aside from Bennett’s that trade cases between Wolfinger and Lamar.

You accepted the campaign reelection endorsements of Wolfinger and Brevard’s community of retired federal agents, including Sen. Haridopolos’ father. From defending Ramos and Bennett, Wolfinger knew all about Preston and coached informants when he was sworn in and did nothing credible, in 1985 or since, to ensure that there had been candor before the tribunal. The retired FBI agents know that their agency is mandated to address public corruption that affects trial outcomes, yet ignore continuing coverage of contrived convictions, doing nothing to kick-start the Brevard field office, and all the while Sen. Haridopolos pretends that he’s unaware of the FBI’s mandates and the duty of the Legislature to check and balance the Executive and Judicial branches, even though he teaches politics as his day job at a pay rate that matches his academic aspirations, not his credentials. It would be odd if the information he pretends no knowledge of appeared in his “book” that belied the collegiate tradition of payment from publishing companies rather than taxpayers.

The more legitimate books “Fatal Flaw” and “Brevard Good Ole Boys” are still out there for anyone to read, and so is my blog, and others. Don’t just investigate Dvorak’s homicide, sir; investigate your entire department. And not just the Preston cases. I know who attempted to get inmates to testify falsely against Jeff Abramowski, so should you. Failure to run the prints in the Adams’ case is a big deal. Please don’t stop at clouded convictions; I’ve heard from non-incarcerated persons claiming to have been abused by your agency. If you can’t investigate clouded convictions and citizen complaints out of determination to make Brevard safe, then by all means act out of fear of disgrace.

A growing number of people won’t settle for the even the national media’s accounts of anything having to do with Brevard law enforcement, the State Attorney’s office or the judiciary. The AP’s related articles have enough holes in them to steer an aircraft carrier through. Anderson Cooper couldn’t bother his staff to correct the years Bill was incarcerated from 26 to 27, having considerable time to do so during the delay caused by Michael Jackson’s death. Instead of doing a follow-up story of his discrediting John Preston in 1985 when charges were dropped against Bill in December, Geraldo Rivera went to Charlie Crist’s wedding. Instead of being incensed at the apparent link between delayed confirmation that Ottis Toole killed his son and Bill’s release, John Walsh instead publicly endorsed Charlie Crist’s and Bill McCollum’s political ambitions. The avowed victims’ advocate didn’t advocate for Preston’s victims and inform his viewers that Florida’s Chief Inspector General is obligated by statute to investigate complaints of public misconduct, calling in whatever agencies are necessary.

Eddie Joe Lloyd, a now-deceased exonerated gentleman once said of DNA, “That’s God’s signature … God’s signature is never a forgery.” Fox frequently films your agency in action for “Cops,” but all the footage in the world isn’t going to nullify God’s signature.

I’ve repeatedly requested that the FBI adhere to their public corruption mandate.

They’re going to show up, sir, and it’s going to be soon, and they’re going to look at Orange County and Tallahassee, too.


Susan Chandler


About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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