Nailing Needelman, using Monte Adams’ clouded 1983 Brevard conviction

Brevard Clerk of the Court Mitch Needelman wrote – through an assistant – that Gary Bennett’s case wasn’t posted online on eFACTS due to it’s age.  That was a lie.  Gary’s case is partially posted on eFACTS, with the initial page showing reopening as “pending,” when the case was reopened in 2009. A second page, available by clicking on the case number, shows the case as “disposed,” which of course isn’t true, either.  Monte Adams 1983 clouded conviction shows what actually happens when case information isn’t available due to age, there’s no record on eFACTS of Monte’s name … period. If Gary were guilty, there’d be no lies, no tainted transfer, no media blackout, no failure to report evidence received for DNA testing in suspect condition, etc.  Brevard thinks they’re going to be able to keep all their frame-ups intact, with assistance from adjoining districts, feds and the media. They’re wrong.

From: Susan Chandler
Date: July 26, 2011 5:48:38 PM EDT
Cc: Tampa Division <tampa.division>,, ASKDOJ <askdoj>, “Friedman, Alan J.” <afriedman>,,,,,,, Senator Mike Haridopolos <mike></mike></afriedman></askdoj></tampa.division>
Subject: Unequal treatment of Gary Stanley Bennett per related convictions – William Michael Dillon, Juan Ramos, Wilton Dedge, Gerald Stano 

The Honorable Mitch Needelman
Brevard County Clerk of the Court
700 S Park Avenue
Titusville, FL 32780-4015 

Dear Mr. Needelman:

I am writing again to insist that you make Gary Bennett’s case information available online.

Your stubborn stonewalling again sent me back to the eFACTS site to see what information was available on a fourth related case that’s older … Gerald Stano’s.

Once again, the available information made nonsense of your contention that the age of Gary’s case was the sole reason it did not appear online on eFACTS.

Gerald Stano was executed in 1998, despite their being no forensic evidence against him, despite many Daytona Beach Police officers attesting to Gerald being a serial confessor rather than a serial killer and investigator Paul Crow being a liar, despite Preston having been found a charlatan, despite Clarence Zacke having admitted to testifying falsely against both Gerald and Wilton Dedge (DNA exonerated in 2004).

At present, your site designates Gary Bennett’s case as “disposed” when the case number is clicked on the page that states that reopening is “pending” although it occurred in 2009.  Both “disposed” and “pending” are misrepresentations, not an example of making no representation at all, based on the age of Gary’s case.

There is an example an eFACTs failure to make any representation at all, from the same timeframe; Monte Adams clouded 1983 conviction that still has him behind bars. eFACTS simply reports, “No name information exists for Monte Adams.”

The crime scene fingerprints in Monte’s case weren’t his, so they were too inconvenient to “run” prior to prosecution.  Johnny Galvin was found in possession of stolen goods from the crime scene, not Monte … but there was no search of Galvin’s home, not even for the homicide weapon.  Instead, dive teams were dispensed in search of the gun (unsuccessfully, of course) on Galvin’s word, and Monte was convicted on the basis of Galvin’s testimony, although Galvin’s prints may very well have matched the crime scene fingerprints.  Monte’s is yet another case that I have unsuccessfully approached Sheriff Jack Parker about; there is no excuse not to run the prints.  Not in 1983, and not now. There have been additional Cocoa gas station homicides since then that remain unsolved.

The pdf’s of eFACT representations of Gary, Gerald and Monte’s cases appear below, and will be furnished to anyone that requests them once this email is posted to Facebook and my blog.

Your obstructive behaviors are making a lie of your career of public service, Mr. Needelman, including your years in law enforcement and the state legislature, additionally calling into question the character of every public servant that ever endorsed you, as well as your donor base.  There’s only one way to protect the reputations of your supporters, sir … put Gary’s case information online immediately – with complete accuracy – and never withhold information from the public again.  Brevard citizens need to know that concerted efforts to withhold information just like this – involving media complicity – have put their lives unnecessarily at risk every day since the early 1980’s from their unknowingly reelecting pubic servants that belong behind bars for willfully ruining or ending the lives of innocents while failing to apprehend dangerous criminals that remain on the streets.

Again, FBI and DOJ, I am not copying you for personal entertainment purposes or out of delusions of intimidating Florida Today or the Orlando Sentinel.  It is your responsibility to investigate and prosecute public corruption that affects trial outcomes, which interferes with freedoms and lives, unlike your current focus on persecuting peace protesters.  Given that exonerations uncovered conviction corruption coast-to-coast, your dereliction seems intended to ensure an endless supply of corrupt officers, prosecutors, D.A.’s and judges to aid in the pursuit, prosecution and conviction of individuals of low (or invented) risk as well as assuring that such matters as agency involvement with charlatan dog handlers John Preston and Keith Pikett never gets addressed.  Investigate and prosecute conviction corruption NOW – begin by firing every agent at the Brevard field office and those responsible for their oversight in Tampa, as they likely oversee Orange County, too, and are ignoring its illicit involvement in Gary’s case.  If Dallas agents can’t find Farmer’s Branch on the county map to investigate what Orchid Cellmark is up to in failing to disclose suspect condition of evidence received for DNA testing, then fire them, too; it likely means they won’t be able to find any locations where Pikett testified, either.


Susan Chandler


About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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