Scent Evidence – F.I.U. hires stink up Florida’s higher education, the U.S. Senate and courtrooms …

FIU is AFU (figure it out), and making their status contagious, currently in the Casey Anthony case.  Clearly, our media does little research, even when freedom and lives are on the line.  At very least, Congress owes it to those whose convictions are clouded to make the additional remedies available in relation to Coverdale Grants immediately available to the incarcerated in relation to ALL federal grants.  If we had a real media, you’d have a clue what that previous statement means.

1) Florida International University hired former Detroit Piston star Isiah Thomas to coach the FIU Golden Panthers despite a jury finding him guilty of sexual harassment.  Thomas insists he’s innocent, but the jury awarded a record amount, in excess of the plaintiff’s request. It wasn’t a Florida or Texas trial, which makes the result automatically more reliable.

2) Florida International University intends to hire U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (FL, R) to hold a teaching position simultaneously with holding a U.S. Senate seat, although he’s far from mastered the D.C. ropes. According to social networks, I’m not the only one who recognizes Rubio by the nickname, “Mr. Interim Response,” as most of Rubio’s non-responsive acknowledgments of constituent input are thusly titled.  As Rubio can seldom find the time to hold himself accountable to taxpayers/constituents, he obviously doesn’t have time for a FIU side-job.

3) Florida International University retains Kenneth Furton, multi-year federal “scent evidence” grant recipient.  In 2007 he received $70,000 from the Amy [Army] Research Office for “Optimization of Sorbent Materials for the Collection and Analysis of Human Scent” according to a published report titled, “FLORIDA INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY DIVISION OF RESEARCH – OFFICE OF SPONSORED RESEARCH JANUARY 2007 AWARDS – OVERVIEW ” and a 2010 report titled, “FLORIDA INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY DIVISION OF RESEARCH – OFFICE OF SPONSORED RESEARCH – JANUARY AWARDS OVERVIEW,” notes that Furton received $175,476 from West Virginia University for “Epithelial Cell Presence Determination in Human Scent Evidence Collection,” $91,519 from the Army Research Office for “Optimization of Sorbent Materials for the Collection and Analysis of Human Scent (a repeat – that’s a lot of optimizing),” and $59,629 from the National Institute of Standards and Technology for “Design and Development of Scientifically Validated Non-Hazardous Canine Training Materials.”   Furton testified in Texas FOR disgraced dog handler Keith Pikett, who tainted over 2,000 criminal investigations with his dogs and paint cans before being DNA discredited.  The FBI used Keith Pikett, just as they used disgraced dog handler John Preston earlier.  Furton is now testifying for Casey Anthony.  It gets worse – the grant-meister is also involved in fire forensics, providing the potential to screw up many trials with very-convenient-to-the-requesting-party testimony.,0,7852555,full.story

There are likely lots of stories hidden in FIU’s hires and grant receipts. Our media betrays the public trust on a daily basis, flouting their fiduciary responsibilities to their subscribers, advertisers and shareholders, none of whom are likely keen on executing innocents or warehousing them until they die of old age, while the real killers, rapists, child molesters, armed robbers, etc., find new victims among them.  Taxpayers paid Furton to play straight on forensics.  It’s time to find out all the parties who subsequently paid him not to. As far as I’m concerned, media staff attorneys that approve stories so slanted that they interfere with due process belong behind bars – permanently.

About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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