Prison personnel issue informal – but effective – death warrants

Timothy Cole died in a Texas prison of an asthma attack prior to his DNA exoneration, although his asthma was easily controlled by inhalers. Gary Bennett is only receiving one of his epilepsy medications , and not the full dose of that medication. It could kill him, and FL DOC knows it.

It’s time to prosecute everyone that takes the law into their own hands.

From: Susan Chandler
Date: June 24, 2011 1:29:23 PM EDT
To: Gretl Plessinger
Subject: Gary Stanley Bennett – DOC 092481 – withheld epilepsy medications translates to attempted homicide

Dear Ms. Plessinger:

As Secretary Edwin Buss’ contact information is currently unavailable through the DOC website, I am writing to ask that you speak directly to Buss to make sure that he takes personal responsibility to ensure that Gary Bennett immediately receives his epilepsy medications, and that medications are herafter disbursed to him as prescribed, without interruption.

In Texas, Timothy Cole was DNA-exonerated after his death. Although his asthma was easily controlled by inhalers, Cole died from an asthma attack. Prison deaths like Cole’s are all too common, and each unnecessary death freshly traumatizes families like the Cole’s.

It is my understanding that Gary Bennett takes Phenobarbital and Diltantin and is currently receiving no Phenobarbital and less than the prescribed amount of Diltantinl [Dilantin]. As you can see from the “How to Use” portion of my own Phenobartital prescription for epilepsy below, abrupt withdrawal from Phenobarbital can cause death.

Seizures themselves can cause death, and Gary has had seizure activity since his medication was interrupted.

Stress exacerbates seizure activity, and Gary is additionally enduring other intentional duress aside from his epilepsy medications being withheld: 1) The Brevard Clerk of the Court is refusing to put Bennett’s case information online, even though the related case information of Juan Ramos, Wilton Dedge and William Dillon is available. 2) State Attorney Wolfinger knowingly facilitated transfer of Bennett’s case to State Attorney Lamar, knowing that Linroy Bottoson’s execution gave Lamar an untoward stake in upholding cases in which both phony dog handler John Preston and a jailhouse informant who recanted were used, 3) Florida Today has allowed ASA Jeff Ashton to publicly misrepresent the nature of the transfer order and a request to recuse of Brevard judge(s); Judge Dugan most recently participated in William Dillon’s nearly identical upset conviction, and did not report the prosecutorial misconduct involved to the Bar although Juan Ramos and Wilton Dedge’s nearly identical convictions had also been upset and involved the same cast of characters, 4) Despite failed judicial notification of prosecutorial misconduct, the Florida Bar and American Bar have published information about Dillon’s case and are therefore aware of the decades of egregious prosecutorial and supervisory misconduct in Florida’s 18th Judicial Circuit and were obligated under federal case law to punish it and failed to do so, 5) Bennett is aware that Orchid Cellmark did not publicly disclose in 2010 that his evidence received for DNA testing was in suspect condition, just as Orchid Cellmark not report that Dillon’s evidence was received in suspect condition in 2008 until this month; Orchid Cellmark’s behaviors may be buried as early as next month via LabCorp’s intended purchase, 6) Bennett’s defense team’s efforts (if any) to publicize any of the travesties Bennett is enduring have been unsuccessful for so long that Bennett does not know whether to doubt his defense team or attribute the silence to media complicity.

Ma’am, there were over 2 million Americans with epilepsy before the Mideast wars and returning Vets with Traumatic Brain Injury epilepsy are now a virtual epilepsy epidemic. Many of the Vets are in prison; police, prosecutors and judges are reluctant to learn about standing seizures and PTSD (freuqently accompanies TBI-engendered epilepsy). Incarceration is a lousy reward for serving your country, and death through intentional withholding of medications is the lousiest reward of all.

Prison personnel that override court decisions to issue and execute informal death warrants need to be prosecuted.

Please immediately discuss Gary Bennett’s imminent danger with Secretary Buss and apprise me via return email of Buss’ intentions. Thank you.


Susan Chandler

About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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