Mess with the IRS: When the Bar buries misconduct, sometimes there’s a headstone

Gary Bennett’s family has received no assurances from the FL DOC that his epilepsy medications are no longer being withheld. Seizures can be fatal – withholding epilepsy medications is attempted homicide.

Gary’s false conviction is nearly identical to three upset convictions in the same judicial circuit – Juan Ramos, Wilton Dedge, William Dillon. Denying Gary his life-saving meds is only one of the dastardly ploys in play to keep his false conviction intact. The sooner he dies, the better for frame-up specialists who should have already been investigated, charged and tried.

There are thousands of incarcerated innocents nationwide, with many in imminent danger like Gary. Only unified, targeted actions can possibly help the majority of them. Please mess with the IRS!


From: Susan Chandler
Date: June 23, 2011 2:04:17 PM EDT
Cc: ASKDOJ <>,
Subject: IRS misrepresentation of employee noncompliance

IRS Oversight Board
The Honorable Secretary of the Treasury
The Honorable Commissioner of Internal Revenue
The Honorable IRS Oversight Board Members,
  Paul Cherecwich, Jr.
  E. Edwin Eck
  Robert M. Tobias
  Raymond T. Wagner, Jr.
  Deborah L. Wince-Smith

Dear IRS Oversight Board:

I am writing to object to gross public understatements of IRS employee noncompliance, to duly note numerous ignored pleas for relief and redress from fraudulently exempt organizations and to ask that appropriate IRS personnel be directed to adapt IRS whistleblower regulations and application methods to create electronic avenues of disbursing whistleblower compensation.

The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Adminstration’s June 21 press release, “IRS Needs to Improve Oversight of Its Employee’s Compliance With Tax Laws, TIGTA Finds,” stated a 3% noncompliance rate of IRS employees.  What was missing was any analysis at all of the IRS Oversight Board, where the noncompliance rate is 100%.

Since January, I have written to you repeatedly about the American Bar Association and its affiliates bogus tax exemptions.  When the Bar was assigned law enforcement responsibilities by the Supreme Court of the United States in deciding Imbler v Pachtman and Van de Kamp v Goldstein (recently affirmed by Connick v Thompson), the Bar had the obligation to apprise Congress that the assignment was unconstitutional; it made the misconduct of prosecutors and their supervisors subject only to unequal, secretive, arbitrary and insubstantial investigation and punishment for unlawful behaviors for which private citizens would be promptly put behind bars.

Not only did the Bar embrace the SCOTUS phony law enforcement gig, they used it to protect prosecutors and supervisors from facing any consequence at all for misconduct, which often led to the lawless being rewarded by uninformed voters, increasing the scope of their lawlessness exponentially.

The proof can be stated in these few words:  John Dean Moxley, Jr. is an elected judge.

These frauds on the public perpetrated by the Bar are well within the means of the IRS to immediately mitigate.

The proof that the Bar harms the public more than it helps it can also be stated simply:  All told, Juan Ramos, Wilton Dedge, William Dillon and Gary Bennett have served 81 years in prison wrongfully, and the lawlessness of prosecutors and their supervisors in attempting to prevent Bennett’s conviction from being upset like the others disgustingly involves another judicial circuit, Florida’s legislature, department of corrections, governor and his cabinet as well as the FBI and DOJ … and John Dean Moxley, Jr. was involved in each of their nearly identical 1980’s frame-ups.

Because you did not respond to my earnest requests for relief, I began reading other non-profit organizations 990 reports. If IRS oversight was even somewhat meaningful, hundreds of non-profits would lose their tax exemptions immediately and retroactively with their frauds on the public reported for appropriate investigation and prosecution; your noncompliance rate is inescapably and undeniably 100% … your lawful responsibility is to ensure the fair treatment of taxpayers, and you have broken the law.

Our ill-willed and ineffectual Congress – with some notable individual exceptions – is promoting starving seniors as a viable budget option in order to further fund endless, unjustified wars, while the IRS Oversight Board is continually failing to collect trillions of dollars of justifiably taxable annual incomes.

That’s the big picture.

In a smaller frame, the Florida Department of Corrections is withholding Gary Bennett’s epilepsy medications knowing it could kill him – that’s attempted homicide.

When the Bar buries prosecutorial and supervisory misconduct, it often involves a headstone.

We the people have the right to petition for redress, and I have appropriately done so.  As you have ignored my entreatments, I will publish public petitions that request that U. S. Attorney General and Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Public Corruption Unit investigate and prosecute the IRS Oversight Board’s knowingly granting fraudulent tax exemptions.

As each person who signs one of the petitions will be a whistleblower, please have the appropriate IRS personnel immediately develop the means and methods to duly compensate each individual through adapting IRS whistleblower regulations to accept identifying information Internet connections will provide to, Care2, etc., in connection with individual electronic signatures.

As nothing will change our corrupt prison system faster than incarcerating hundreds if not thousands of former attorneys, I anticipate petition participation by the families and friends of the more than two million incarcerated individuals nationwide.

So that each whistleblower’s compensation will be more than just a token of appreciation, I will name other egregiously fraudulent non-profit organizations in the petitions aside from the Federal Bar Association, the American Bar Association and all Bar affiliates.

As the IRS Oversight Board’s malfeasance isn’t getting any media attention, obviously our ill-willed and ineffectual Congress has allowed far too many mergers.  Hopefully, public petitions will correct that, too. Thank you for your time and attention.


Susan Chandler


About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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