Crystal meth, justice, God and Sheriff Jack Parker, part two

We have a self-fettering press that’s willing to do endless harm to elect pliant politicians who will allow mergers that aren’t in the public’s best interests, among many other despicable things.


From: Susan Chandler
Date: June 21, 2011 4:02:56 PM EDT
Cc: ASKDOJ <>, Tampa Division <>,,, Seth Miller <>, Gretl Plessinger <>
Subject: Canova Beach skull crush homicides, Cocoa gas station homicides, SEX BAT/MINOR x 2, and much more …

Please direct to the attention of Sheriff Jack Parker.
It is my understanding that electronic correspondence becomes public record.

The Honorable Jack Parker, Sheriff
Brevard County Sheriff’s Office
700 Park Avenue
Titusville, FL 32780

Dear Sheriff Parker:

I am writing today to further object to Florida Today‘s misrepresentations of the content of your character and the quality of your work.  On February 7th, I sent you similar objections to three Florida Today articles, “Conference explores links between God and police,” “Deputies keep close eyes on meth cooks fresh out of prison,” and “Our views: The meth menace.”

My new objections now are to recent Florida Today articles; “30 years later, 4 new suspects in Dvorak slaying,” “Dvorak slaying suspects have several arrests: Convictions for drugs, alcohol,” “Our Views: Still Seeking Justice (June 19); Dillon probe by Sheriff’s Offices raises possibility of answers in murder,” “Who they are: James Johnstone,” “Who they are: Eric Novak,” “Who they are: Philip Huff,” “Who they are: Daryl Novak.”

The long-on-praise, short-on-reality articles were infuriating:  I interviewed Bill Dillon while he was still in prison and have spoken to him since his release; I’m familiar with his speech patterns and his humbleness, and so is reporter John Torres, who tricked Bill into making statements that made it seem that he knew something about the Novak’s being involved in Dvorak’s August 17, 1981 Canova Beach homicide to make it appear likely he was involved after-the-fact.

Dillon Frame-Up Number Two is in progress, and it’s multi-purpose.

All the bizarre and potentially deadly behind-the-scenes string-pulling going on to keep Gary Bennett’s frame-up intact in upcoming hearings isn’t getting an inch of Florida Today column space, although it’s directly related to Dillon’s upset conviction as well as that of Juan Ramos and Wilton Dedge.  Similarly, Ramos can’t get an inch of Florida Today column space on his exoneration compensation claim, although they devoted countless column inches to Dillon and Dedge’s.

Florida Today continues to make complicity in corruption clearer by infomercial articles, prejudicial coverage and obvious omissions, of which they are more potentially related to Dillon’s second frame-up – widowed, retired kindergarten teacher Pauline Scandale had her skull crushed in tiny Canova Beach (like Dvorak) while Dillon was in prison.  Although your Unsolved Homicides web page finally lists the May 31, 1988 date of the Scandale’ homicide after I’d asked for years, you didn’t compare the forensics in her case be compared to Dvorak’s like I’d also asked.  It’s all the more odd now that you’ve found four new Canova Beach skull-crush suspects, one of whom had been arrested for burglary, the apparent motive in Scandale’s homicide.

I’ve made many requests concerning obvious loose ends in clouded convictions that may shed light on other cold cases, i.e.; Monte Adams was convicted on the testimony of the person found in possession of goods stolen in a 1983 Cocoa gas station homicide, whose home was never searched for the murder weapon, bloody clothes, etc.  The crime scene fingerprints did not match Adams, but were not “run.”  Two subsequent Cocoa gas station murders are listed on your Unsolved Homicides webpage, Michael Capponi (1993) and Eric Nicoletti (2000).  I’ve asked you to run the prints from Adams’ case; you refused.  Likely there are bullets to compare and a long shot is better than no shot, except to lazy, crazy law enforcement officers that deliberately let phony dog handler John Preston’s perjuries stand to keep scores of innocents inside and killers on the loose.

Lazy, crazy law enforcement officers made it possible for Roger Dale Chapman to put his filthy hands on yet another child and “shake and bake” and sell crystal meth.  Chapman’s received continual favors for backing Preston’s perjuries against Dillon with admittedly coached testimony.  His DOC record – 049972 – lists the 2010 meth bust along with this:


It belongs in bold because SEX BAT/MINOR is the charge that Chapman originally skated on to testify falsely against Dillon. Chapman bragged to his brother about being guilty and getting a walk.

It belongs in bold because it’s likely that the 2007 offense was known prior to Chapman’s latest early release that just happened to make him available in October of 2009 to publicly “apologize” to Dillon and name former deputy Thom Fair as one of his coaches in making his lies about Dillon convincing.

It belongs in bold because that early release was without supervision even though a prior release with supervision indicated he’d violated parole – and that prior release’s supervision term hadn’t expired yet.  Supervision would have kept his crystal meth off the streets.

It belongs in bold because there’s a 2021 release date on the Chapman’s DOC record – the unrelated sexual battery and drug sentences are inexplicably running concurrently as though Chapman had no priors.  It’s another glaring indicator that Chapman is still receiving favors, increasing the likelihood that his naming former Fair as his coach was still more lies, the result of still more coaching, designed to protect bigger fish.

It belongs in bold because Florida Today hyped your Godliness and toughness on crystal meth, and this proves neither to be true.

The things I’ve asked you to do were your responsibility to attend to without written requests.  Please reread my email of February 7th and either clean up or clear out, sir.


Susan Chandler–Still-seeking-justice-(June-19)?source=nletter-news

About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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