IRS SCREAMS, “WE’RE PROTECTING YOU FROM 275,000 BOGUS NGO’s” … but of course they’re not.

Typing in ALL CAPS is widely known as “screaming.”  It’s a crude literary device, and a crude waste of taxpayers dollars when used in public documents; it wastes file storage space when archived, it wastes government ink when printed.

Failure to use standard abbreviations in a spreadsheet is another crude waste of taxpayers dollars, one that also serves as a cloaking device. Using “association” instead of “assoc” in a narrow spreadsheet column leaves little room to apprise the public of an association’s full name.

So when the IRS announced automatic cancelation of 275,000 tax exemptions for failure to file proper paperwork and provided Excel spreadsheets for each state that were IN ALL CAPS and SANS STANDARD ABBREVIATIONS, it was NOT the public service it could and should have been.

10,648 of the tax exempt organizations were in Ohio, and the Business Journal Daily on June 13th in “IRS Revokes Status of Ohio Nonprofits” – – created the impression that the IRS had done something constructive.


What the the IRS has done, with assorted business reporters help, is create a smokescreen for doing absolutely nothing about fraudulent tax exemptions that keep the federal budget puny.

Don’t take my word for it – download an Excel spreadsheet for any state at,,id=240099,00.html and re-sort by organization name.

Although it’s hard to deal with the ALL CAP SCREAMING, use the “find” function to discover still more … over 20 Ohio PTA’s got the ax, but they’re listed by location.

Over 20 Ohio Chamber of Commerce NGO’s bought the bullet, too, and I bet there’s a big story there.

On the national level, the Chamber of Commerce sold its soul to giant corporations and no longer represents smaller businesses.  It wouldn’t surprise me in the least to find that small-town Chambers were deliberately thrown under the bus by national.

When you repeatedly see a name, be curious. Alpha Lambda Delta isn’t some strange anti-government group, it’s an organization for colllege freshmen under the auspices of the National Honor Society.

Open a couple of states.  Find out that the IRS is consistently protecting you from Boy Scouts and Big Brothers and Sisters and American Legions and Pee Wee Football and Little League baseball and the American Postal Workers Union and Firefighters Associations.

Don’t trust business journals. Don’t trust the IRS.  Don’t even trust me; verify what I write so that when I ask you to sign petitions to get the IRS to revoke the tax exemptions it needs to attend to first – the American Bar Association and its affiliates – you’ll be ready to sign them and share them and talk about them at work and at picnics and while waiting in line at the theatre.

The Bar has allowed prosecutorial and supervisory misconduct to ruin and take lives for decades. We can stop this.

About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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