IRS = Illicit Rove/RNC Supporter, too

Eric King will likely be executed today. If his conviction is wrongful, as many believe, the IRS Oversight Board may have the power to stop it if they’re finally willing to act within the rule of law for a change.

Anyone wishing a copy of the .pdf referred to, please message me.

From: Susan Chandler>
Date: March 29, 2011 6:00:56 AM EDT
Cc:,,, ASKDOJ <>
Subject: Six ignored requests of the IRS on behalf of those taxed without representation

IRS Oversight Board
The Honorable Secretary of the Treasury
The Honorable Commissioner of Internal Revenue
The Honorable IRS Oversight Board Members,
Paul Cherecwich, Jr.
E. Edwin Eck
Robert M. Tobias
Raymond T. Wagner, Jr.
Deborah L. Wince-Smith

Ms. Mayanne Downs, President
[Florida Bar Association]

Dear IRS Oversight Board Members and Ms. Downs:

I am including Florida Bar President Mayanne Downs in this seventh plea for the IRS Overight Board to retroactively invalidate the American Bar Association and its affiliates tax exemptions in immediate Emergency Special Meeting because Ms. Downs’ recent public statements supports my argument.

Palm Beach Post Florida Bar President Mayanne Downs predicts some Florida attorneys will pay the ultimate professional price for foreclosure-related wrongdoing – disbarment – as investigations mount statewide.  “It’s the death penalty of the legal profession,” said Downs, who spoke to The Palm Beach Post’s editorial board this week about legislative proposals affecting the courts and the state’s ongoing foreclosure tumult.”

Disbarment – at worst – causes a career change.  Disbarment is sometimes decreed on an impermanent basis.

A lethal injection is never impermanent.

The article was published on March 23rd and titled, “Number of Fla. lawyers under investigation for foreclosure-related wrongdoing grows.”

The number of Fla. lawyers under investigation for prosecutorial and supervisory misconduct remains the same – zero – although Fla. holds the national record for death row exonerations, and Brevard and Polk are notorious for untenable prosecutorial trial tactics that stole decades of men’s lives, and have cast dark shadows on executions that already took place.

It was imprudent of the U.S. Supreme Court to make justice unequal by granting prosecutors and their supervisors absolute immunity for misconduct in ruling on Imbler v Pachtman and Van de Kamp v Goldstein, assigning the Bar responsibility for misconduct often so egregious that it results in misapplication of the real death penalty, the one that is never impermanent.

It wasn’t or last time the U.S. Supreme Court was imprudent – their ruling on Plessy v Ferguson disgraced us for decades, and their ruling on “corporate personhood” ties in very well with the IRS approving charitable status for organizations like American Crossroads/Crossroads GPS.  Karl Rove doesn’t even pretend the entity serves any purpose other than funding Republicans in the upcoming elections, over which the activist organization Velvet Revolution had formally complained to the IRS (.pdf copy below).  I signed a petition requesting that U.S. A.G. Holder investigate the IRS for failing to address that complaint; I hope that hundreds of thousands sign the petition.

Despite the IRS untoward leniency for the undeserving, it is taxing exoneration compensation in some instances, although exonerees’ families were taxed without representation all the while the exonerated were incarcerated.  Many families spent their after-tax life-savings in attorneys fees attempting to battle prosecutors and supervisors who continued to willfully break laws, a cycle that the IRS should have interrupted as soon as media accounts of unpunished prosecutorial stories began to surface.

Many were exonerated from death row, and many innocents will remain on death row until the Bar is forced to make a choice between remitting millions of dollars in back and current taxes on incomes that are not genuinely exempt or performing as the Justices decreed.

Had the IRS Oversight Board heeded me in January regarding the inauthenticity of the Bar’s exemptions, it is possible that many executions would have been stayed.

Eric King will likely be executed today.  Many believe he is innocent.

When the facts are made public, no one will believe that The IRS Oversight Board is in any way innocent.

Call an Emergency Special Meeting this morning to very belatedly adhere to the rule of law in ensuring fair treatment of taxpayers, and then break the news immediately that you are investigating a number of exemptions, including the Bar’s.  If King’s conviction is wrongful, the prosecutors or their supervisors will likely seek to halt the execution themselves.


Susan Chandler


About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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2 Responses to IRS = Illicit Rove/RNC Supporter, too

  1. Sharon Simmons says:

    What has happened to the meaning: honor, integrity and justice? Have our leaders became so competitive and greedy, the love for mankind no longer exist? Citizens are becoming more and more aware we no longer can trust our government. We are force to watch as our Rights, Freedom and Justice are slowly chipped away. As we the taxpayers, potential voters and citizens of this state, honor the laws, so should our leaders and judicial courts.


    • These times provide difficult lessons, but perhaps once they are relearned, they won’t be as easily forgotten, Sharon. We have again been divided and conquered by the wealthy and the privileged, many of whom have portrayed themselves as our champions. It will likely get worse before it gets better, as Congress allows more media mergers that make oft-repeated lies seem like the truth. But I believe it will get better, so long as we don’t cower, speak truth to power, and lend each other strength when one wakes up with a temporary shortage.


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