Two-faced proposal for two Florida Supreme Courts

When our legislators spout nonsense, our media publishes an opposing opinion or two and then stops there, only occasionally authoring forceful editorials that reveal proposed legislation as unethical. Read a bit of Thomas Jefferson if you believe that this practice represents the free and unfettered press that our forefathers envisioned.


From: Susan Chandler
Date: March 13, 2011 2:13:10 PM EDT
To: Speaker Cannon <>
Cc: Senator Mike Haridopolos <>,

Subject: Two Florida Supreme Courts

Dear Speaker Cannon:

I am writing to object to your preposterous proposition that we create a second Florida Supreme Court, as reported by the Miami Herald on Monday in “Top lawmaker wants court overhaul.”

According to reporter Janet Zink, your stated intent in creating separate civil and criminal divisions is to improve the efficiency and accountability of the court.  Zink quoted you as saying, “the Legislature has the right and responsibility to take a look at what is working in our state, and to correct what is not working.”

If you believed your own words, sir, you would be recommending that we end the death penalty like Illinois, create a state bank like North Dakota, close the sales tax loophole on Internet purchases like New York, Illinois, North Dakota, Kentucky, and fully automate felon rights restoration like many states, and much more.

If you believed your own words, you’d be calling on Florida’s Chief Inspector General to investigate decades of public misconduct that caused false convictions and similarly calling on the Florida Bar to police prosecutorial and supervisory misconduct revealed in upset conviction after upset conviction, clouding hundreds of other convictions.  I watched Florida’s Supreme Court in action yesterday; the Justices pretended they don’t know beyond a doubt that the FBI’s bullet lead analysis is junk science in hearing arguments on Derrick Smith’s case.  Again.  It’s a repeat performance.  And it’s costing Floridians a fortune.  The Justices can pretend ignorance for so long as the Bar does not investigate and punish the prosecutors and state attorneys who did [not] willingly review prosecutions incorporating FBI analysis and testimony upon notification from the agency that there was no basis whatsoever to what they had once promoted as forensic science in matching bullets.  At present, the worst punishment a prosecutor or state attorney can face is fines and disbarment.  Many are working to change that state of affairs, sir, and make prosecutors and state attorneys face equal justice, assuring that will lose their freedoms if they have conspired to rob another of his.

North Dakota has a budget surplus.  Florida can have one, too.  Without cutting unemployment eligibility weeks.  Without sacrificing humanitarian programs.  But it can’t do this with legislators that promote the “middleman myth” of cost savings through privatization [of] those programs, or prisons, or anything else.  It is not mathematically possible to involve more parties – especially profit seeking parties – and save money.

While distrust of government rightly festers over Wisconsin’s collective bargaining rights coup that didn’t save its taxpayers one single dime, knowing which state’s policies to publicly suggest duplicating without making yourself appear ignorant and/or corrupt seems advisable, Speaker Cannon.


Susan Chandler


About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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