Crystal meth, justice, God and Sheriff Jack Parker

Many Floridians are boycotting Publix after learning that it is unconcerned with “atrocities” in tomato production labor practices. Others corporations had to be nudged into caring that tomato pickers hadn’t had a raise in decades, and now pay the extra penny per pound that will bring workers up to poverty level wages (yes, I wrote that correctly).

Am I suggesting you cancel your Florida Today subscription because their “reporting” led you to vote against your best interests, including your personal safety?  You betcha.

Anyone desiring copies of the pdf documents I referred to can email me at (The email below was resent to a working email address for FDLE Director Gerald Bailey – Gerald Bailey <>.)


From: Susan Chandler
Date: February 7, 2011 9:13:28 PM EST
Cc: John Glisch ,, Tampa Division ,, ASKDOJ , FDLE Comments
Subject: Florida Today articles and editorial of 2/4/11 – crystal meth, justice, God and Sheriff Jack Parker

Please direct to the attention of Sheriff Jack Parker.
It is my understanding that electronic correspondence becomes public record.

The Honorable Jack Parker, Sheriff
Brevard County Sheriff’s Office
700 Park Avenue
Titusville, FL 32780

Dear Sheriff Parker:

I am writing to object to further public misrepresentations of the content of your character as well as the quality of service your agency provides to the citizens of Brevard County under your direction.

On February 4th, Florida Today published two articles as well as an editorial that will serve to reelect you and consequently continue to endanger the public; “Conference explores links between God and police,” “Deputies keep close eyes on meth cooks fresh out of prison” and “Our views: The meth menace.”

Over the years, I have written to you in detail about clouded Brevard convictions – Monte Adams, Jeff Abramowski and Crosley Green as well as the victims of discredited dog handler John Preston’s perjuries. If memory serves, the details included (but weren’t limited to): 1) use of coached jailhouse informants (per upset convictions of Juan Ramos, Wilton Dedge, Bill Dillon), 2) misrepresented evidence (Jeff Abramowksi’s knife purchase), 3) withheld evidence (unexamined fingerprints that were not Monte Adams’), 4) false expert testimony (discredited dog handler John Preston), 5) questionable interactions with other state agencies (“new witness” Sandra Weeks re medium T-shirt 6’4″ Dillon was accused of wearing, which DNA refuted), 6) questionable interactions with federal agencies (TALON surveillance of peace protesters), 7) questionable endorsements of your reelection (retired local FBI agents who may have been involved in using John Preston against Linroy Bottson, who was executed), 8) withholding information from the public on a unsolved homicide (Pauline Scandale), 9) possible abuse of grant funds (cold case computerization with no resulting revision of cold case website), 10) possible collusion in locating jailhouse informants between former prosecutor John Dean Moxley and former officer Ron Clark (Clark’s wife was Moxley’s assistant, Moxley was involved in Ramos, Dedge, Dillon and other Preston/jailhouse informant cases that have yet to see Sunshine), 11) arrest inconsistent with initial eyewitness description in every detail but race (Crosley Green).

I raised many issues with Florida Today in an effort to have them cease misleading citizens into voting for rogues, and with the FBI and DOJ in attempts to have their honor their respective mandates to investigate and prosecute public corruption that affects trial and election outcomes. Corruption isn’t contagious, although their unaltered behaviors would make it seem so.

The four .pdf document copies below make it clear that inaccurate reporting and failed oversight endangers everyone. All four concern Roger Dale Chapman, who cost Bill Dillon 27 years of his life with his coached lies on the stand in Brevard.

The first three are Department of Corrections records of Chapman’s 12/6/2006 meth offense, bearing the same DC number – 049972.

The earliest record shows Chapman as being on supervised release, with a probation termination date of 6/5/2010.

Chapman apparently violated probation, as he was again imprisoned, with the next record showing a release date of 2/24/2010.

The final record indicates that Chapman was released on 10/22/2009. The release was without probation, despite his original probation being violated and not satisfied in full – it was to terminate on 6/5/2010 – as previously noted.

With the media describing him as a Bonifay mechanic rather than a recently re-released felon, Chapman publicly “apologized” to Dillon. Chapman named former officer Thom Fair as one of his coaches. Fair vociferously denied Chapman’s accusation and inexplicably defended Moxley’s involvement in Dillon’s case, although Moxley’s participation in Ramos and Dedge’s frames was already clear. The online records of Fair’s public employment suit before Moxley, now a judge, are not as transparent as the public deserves.

Chapman would not have been available for statements during Dillon’s exoneration compensation hearings if his release date had not been moved from 2/24/2010 to 10/22/2009. The DOC informed me that as Chapman’s release was without probation, no details could lawfully be released, which is convenient for the corrupt and a an obvious disservice to the public, with the proof not long in the making.

Chapman was soon arrested on another meth charge.

The fourth .pdf document is an August 24, 2010 Holmes County Times Advertiser article about Chapman, “‘Shake and bake’ lab busted in Gritney.” Chapman has not since been returned to prison. In exchange for testifying falsely against Dillon, rape charges against Chapman were dropped; charges that Chapman’s brother claimed were valid. Perhaps Chapman is already back on the streets … free to cook more meth, discharge more firearms, rape another minor.

Just as the money spent to computerize cold cases didn’t translate to providing sound public information, the $450,000 federal grant your agency received to address crystal meth may have been so selectively spent as to have proved useless – others meth cookers like Chapman may have recently received get-out-of-jail-free cards with no expiration date in trade for false testimony, as Jeff Abramowski’s case indicates that the decades-long agency penchant for coaching jailhouse informants continues into this century.

Your speech on the links between officers, justice and God isn’t going to sit well with the officers who actually believe in justice and God, sir. Here’s hoping your hypocrisy inspires some of those officers to demand oversight instead of just continuing to pray for it.


Susan Chandler

Offender Picture

Roger Dale Chapman

About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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