Hold your horses, Holder …

No, Mr. Holder, we are not going to continue to have unequal justice in the U.S. – prosecutors and their supervisors will again be subject to fitting punishments for perjury and conspiracy to violate rights.

The reign of terror of attorney frame-ups and cover-ups and media complicity will end.  The Bar and affiliates will pay income taxes for each year it pretended to protect members and the public equally, with decision makers prosecuted for deliberately eschewing the responsibility SCOTUS unduly placed on them to hold prosecutors and D.A.’s accountable.  Likewise, every decision maker in the FBI responsible for orders to ignore public corruption that affected trial outcomes will be prosecuted, too.


Dear Mr. Savage,

I am writing in regards to your portrayal of the Justice Department’s scandalously inadequate creation of an Office of Responsibility to address prosecutorial misconduct.

Since SCOTUS’ overreach in 1976 in deciding Imbler v Pachtman, deliberate prosecutorial misconduct has been lawful.  A similar SCOTUS overreach followed in deciding Van de Kamp V Goldstein, making prosecutors’ supervisors misconduct lawful.

Chaos ensued; there are now thousands of false convictions that cannot possibly be addressed one-by-one. The Innocence Industry is aware of the core problems, but seeks self-perpetuation and expansion ahead of all-encompassing remedies.  The “reforms” they seek are snake oil; officers, prosecutors, D.A.’s, judges and those responsible for their oversight will ignore procedural changes just as they have ignored standing procedures.

The FBI is mandated to investigate public corruption that affects trial outcomes … without hesitation or invitation.  I suggest you look at Florida’s 18th Judicial District to measure the effects of the FBI’s dereliction.  Of the scores framed by use of bogus dog handler John Preston and coached informants, only three have been freed – Juan Ramos, Wilton Dedge, and Bill Dillon.  No reporter should write about remedies to trial corruption without speaking to this trio.

When, not if, conviction corruption is investigated – because I will settle for nothing less and no longer stand alone – Florida’s 18h may well have the most false convictions per capita in the nation. Florida Senate President Haidopolos [Haridopolos] represents a great portion of that district and is up to his eyes in conviction corruption.  He likely feels safe because his father is former FBI agent Ernest Haridopolos.  Family ties will not be allowed to continue to influence FBI behaviors.  In Oversight, Sen. Leahy has called out the FBI on other dereliction, lawlessness and waste; I have called the FBI out on conviction corruption for years; it’s time for the Senate Judiciary Committee to do the same thing.

Prosecutors and their supervisors have sent innocent men to their deaths.  Disbarment and fines – decided sans Sunshine, if decided at all – is not a fitting punishment.  Life in prison after being relieved of all assets to partially pay for harm done is the only fitting punishment.

I formally requested that the IRS Oversight Board remove the Bar and its affiliates tax exemptions for all the years they are required to retain records for falsely claiming that they protect members and the public equally.  Families of the falsely convicted pay taxes without representation, the Bar pays no taxes with more representation than the Constitution allows.

When an innocent is inside, a felon is outside.  It isn’t only our courts that are meaner than they should be. Our streets are, too.

It’s time for the media to get on the side of justice.  Please ask your News Board to authorize an immediate investigation of Florida’s 18th Judicial District.  Thank you.


Susan Chandler

About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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