Increasingly, “reporter” is a four letter word

William “Tommy” Zeigler was framed so sloppily that the prosecutors theory-of-the-crime has devolved into lurid lunacy that only reporters would pretend to believe.  Please sign the petition and share it. [Note: the same prosecutors office later leveled the same slander at Gary Bennett.]


From: Susan Chandler
Date: December 20, 2010 5:18:20 AM EST
Subject: “35 years after massacre, Tommy Zeigler touts DNA results in fight for freedom” – Anthony Colarossi, Orlando Sentinel, 12/18/10,0,6397475,full.story

Dear Mr. Colarossi,

In “sharing” your sophist slurs on facebook, I wrote: “Another soulless, stenographic article from reporter Anthony Colarossi and the Orlando Sentinel. No homework done, no truths revealed. Tommy is innocent.”  Your entire article parroted prosecutorial malice in lieu of reresponsible reporting.  You’re as familiar with Tommy’s case as I am; you skewed every sentence to damn Tommy while the facts you omitted scream his innocence.

But that’s business as usual at the Orlando Sentinel, if my research is correct; it’s difficult to find the truth with so many people determined to hide it.

John Dobbs is serving life because the legal-length pocketknife he used to defend himself against four attackers who accosted him at his vehicle fatally wounded one.  Outnumbered Dobbs was sliced and severely beaten, exhibiting many defensive wounds.  Although Dobbs conviction was in the timeframe noted, Orlando Sentinel reporter Gary Taylor didn’t mention him in his 9/21/09 “Stand Your Ground” article that stated, “After more than four years, police, prosecutors and even the courts are struggling to interpret Florida’s stand-your-ground law, which allows the use of deadly force for self-defense.”  The article was peppered by comments from A. S. A. Wayne Holmes from the 18th circuit, home of Florida Today, with nothing from the 9th.  What did the Orlando Sentinel report about Dobbs’ trial, conviction and appeals?

Linroy Bottoson, a hapless schizophrenic, was executed in 2002, 19 years after dog handler John Preston was found a fraud and a perjurer by an Ohio federal court in Dale Sutton’s upset conviction.  The FBI was involved in Bottoson’s prosecution, as federal agents had been in Sutton’s case.  Orange County deputy Greer, a legitimate dog handler, disputed Preston’s testimony in Bottoson’s case.  The jailhouse informant recanted.  Judge Goshorn in the 18th circuit again discredited Preston in overturning Juan Ramos conviction in 1987.  USA Today called a still-premature “all clear” on Preston-tainted convictions on July 19, 1994.  What did the Orlando Sentinel report about Bottoson’s trial, conviction, appeals and execution?

Gary Bennett’s decades-old Preston-tainted case was transferred from the 18th circuit to the 9th through Executive Order signed by Governor Crist, despite the conflict presented by Bottoson’s case.  Upon the Order’s expiration, the 18th accepted the case back from the 9th, with the Order’s only admitted conflict unresolved.  Preston had again been discredited in Wilton Dedge and Bill Dillon’s upset convictions in 2004 and 2008, respectively, yet Florida Today apparently didn’t find Bennett’s transfer newsworthy, after numerous articles pretending to bring the remaining Preston cases to light.  What did the Orlando Sentinel report about Gary Bennett’s trial, appeals, and transfers?

S. A. Lamar’s IT employee Michael Emmons’ prosecution confirmed information leaks from Lamar’s office and lent credibility to Mildred Fernandez’s more recent claims of leaks.  Emmons’ case was transferred to the 18th from the 9th, although Emmon’s apparently had done IT work for the 18th, too.  What did the Orlando Sentinel report about Emmons’ trial, transfer and wrist slap?

Rendering my questions rhetorical by ignoring receipt only strengthens the evidence that we, the people, mean less than nothing to you, the parrots,  who took us to war on lies of WMD and ties to 9/11 and killed thousands of our soldiers and hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis, undermined our rights and liberties with fear mongering, stoked the fires of prejudice against immigrants and gays and blacks, justified war crimes that made millions of enemies out of former international friends and endangered our troops and diplomats with the likelihood of reciprocal behaviors, buttressed billionaires’ endless stealth attacks to acquire still more billions, renounced renewable energy as still in developmental stages while 500 mountains were blown to bits for coal and BP bespoiled the Gulf with oil, willfully damned innocents with keystrokes and let killers and rapists remain free to find new victims solely to protect and promote rogue civil servants.  And that’s just the short list of the misery yellow parrots purveyed.

Keep preening your feathers while we determine how best to saw through your pernicious perches and make y’all fall flat on your humbugs.  Feel free to squawk amongst yourselves while we finish figuring it out.  Rest assured it’ll be lawful and awful … parrots are no match for eagles.

Susan Chandler

About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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