The ever-bloodier fix is in …

While some of my references will seem obscure to many, there likely isn’t a thing I wrote that reporter Daniel Ruth didn’t already know.  The .pdf referred to is here:


From: Susan Chandler
Date: December 9, 2010 1:01:31 AM EST
Cc: Senator Mike Haridopolos <>,, Governor Charlie Crist <>, Seth Miller <>, Sandy D’Alemberte <>, Gerald Bailey <>, ASKDOJ <>
Subject: “Ledger sheet shows a shortage of scruples” – Daniel Ruth, St. Petersburg Times, 12-7-10

Dear Mr. Ruth:

I am writing to duly note that the St. Petersburg Times stories about Florida Senate President Mike Haridopolos are superficial rather than sonorous, including the subject article.

You wrote, ” … he [Thrasher] didn’t even bother to alert other GOP officials across the state that the party offices had more cops rummaging through them than an episode of Law & Order.”  Of course he didn’t.  Why should he.  The ever-bloodier fix is in, and a large part of the explanation of that being the case is encapsulated in the .pdf below of the Innocence Project of Florida’s Board of Directors.

Among other conflicted characters on the IPF’s Board is former FBI agent Robert Cromwell, who specializes in … drum roll, please … ethics.  According to the years-long paper trail of similar correspondence – frequently Cc:’d like this email – Haridopolos’ personal finances and GOP finances will be inadequately investigated by the FBI, after which the media will express a modicum of outrage, signaling precipitous endings to unduly truncated stories.

Haridopolos having a former FBI agent for a father apparently continually precludes the FBI from adhering to its mandates to investigate public corruption, from untoward personal and party finances to skewed trial and election outcomes.  While the Florida Commission on Ethics joins the feds in shirking their responsibility to those who pay their wages and benefits, Haridopolos’ Trojan Horse of an Innocence Commission busily reinvents the wheel instead of freeing innocents, as treacherously directed.

The best the media will do is deceptively throw sarcasm Haridopolos’ way, ignoring their archives.  In the St. Petersburg Times July 4, 1999 article, “Freed from death row; Juan Ramos picks up the pieces,” reporter Sydney P. Freedberg wrote about the first of the three Brevard men to get out from under phony dog handler John Preston, who was fed information by officers and prosecutors to frame innocents … likely scores of them … whom Haridopolos is helping to keep behind bars to protect his cronies.

Freedberg wrote, ” … Ramos needs to talk, and for six hours, at times angry, at times tearful, he pours out details of his five years of wrongful imprisonment: beatings, a stabbing, paralytic asthma attacks and an attempted gang rape.”  The Innocence Project wasn’t there to tie Juan Ramos’ tongue, telling him he had to publicly pretend to only look forward, holding no bitterness.  Ramos lost five years to Bill Dillon’s 27.

Dillon was gang raped, but that didn’t stop the Innocence Project from imposing a second unlawful sentence on him, eating crow until the day he dies.  When convenient, the IP’s withholds information on exoneree’s deaths after they’ve eaten crow, like Kenny Waters.

The IPF and the media furthers Haridopolos’ pretense at being Dillon’s legislative champion instead of calling out Haridopolos for ignoring that Ramos is due compensation and that scores of other decades-old, darkly clouded convictions in Haridopolos’ district need to be looked at immediately.  Gary Bennett’s case was tossed from pillar to post in a manner that proved that Florida’s conviction corruption is nonpartisan (Ind. Gov. Crist, Dem. S. A. Lamar, Rep. S. A. Wolfinger), lethal (Linroy Bottoson, Gerald Stano), and ever-ominous (William “Tommy” Zeigler).  Crist, Lamar, Wolfinger and thousands of others are all able to hide behind crap case law – Imber v Pachtman, Van de Kamp v Golstein, etc. – because the media prefers unequal justice for their own purposes, and won’t inform the public that spurious civil immunities likely produced a higher body count than the equally spurious Mideast wars.

Julian Assange shouldn’t go to prison for providing information that alerted us to our government’s arrogant imperialism.  The media that should have clued us in long ago were busy burying the truth for the likes of Mike Haridopolos to run for higher offices, turning our nation into one gigantic doormat for profiteers and their political protagonists, all likely to get mergers approved that weren’t in the public interest.  As a result, the wealthiest 1% – already shielding their incomes from taxation with self-serving non-profits, off-shore shells, etc. – will likely continue to pay next to nothing in taxes.  The media’s duplicity couldn’t succeed without watchdog organizations of every ilk concentrating their efforts on everything other than life and liberties, with the exception of the Southern Poverty Law Center. The remainder, thankless for their tax exemptions, seek self-perpetuation rather than solutions, and “brand” themselves into growth instead of working furiously to put themselves out of business, as non-profits are obliged to do.

Rapists and killers remain at large and find additional victims while incarcerated innocents are in danger of their tears freezing as they fall, enduring another frigid holiday season behind bars due to the media’s perennially perverse version of “Silent Night.”  Families of the innocents pray that next Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, etc., will be different, not knowing how godless their ostensible allies are, and that the ever-bloodier fix is in.

Susan Chandler

About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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