Rep. Bill Posey isn’t a big, fat liar; he’s a small, lean liar.

Stress affects my epilepsy, and SUDEP looms large over those with epilepsy and a heart defect.  Receiving forwarded mail from the third home I’d lost to public corruption always had me rushing to take an additional pill … but receiving forwarded mail from Rep. Bill Posey had me rushing to take two, for reasons that my email make clear.  Despite Rep. Posey being a small, lean liar, I won’t be so crude as to give out his private email address.


From: Susan Chandler
Date: November 10, 2009 8:50:13 PM EST
To: ********
Cc: Governor Charlie Crist <>,, Debbie Mayfield <>, Senator Mike Haridopolos <>
Subject: Response from Representative Bill Posey

Dear Rep. Posey:

I emailed you on November 5th and asked you to stop writing to me at the address of the home I lost over Brevard’s corruption; corruption that you’re completely aware of and will do nothing about.

I’m asking again.

And I’m reminding you again that you looked me right in the eye and said, if elected, you would use your new office to do something about the corruption – if there was anything to my allegations about wrongful convictions.  Bill Dillon’s release fulfilled that ridiculous caveat; we both new that the corruption in Brevard was not alleged, but instead already confirmed long before we met.

“Vote for me and I’ll set you free,” was the essence of your end of the conversation; the “proof” of your sincerity was in giving me your private email address.  Of course, knowing you were lying, I voted for Dr. Steve Blythe.

You’re different from me, but no better than me.

That is the fundamental truth of being an American that eludes your grasp.

Being no better than I, you’ve no right to abuse your power to diminish the quality of my life or that of any other of your fellow citizens.  I can’t change your belief in your superiority, but I can do my best to see that you are prosecuted for ignoring corruption while accepting wages from Floridians to serve them.

Susan Chandler

About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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1 Response to Rep. Bill Posey isn’t a big, fat liar; he’s a small, lean liar.

  1. Larry Litwiler says:

    TO: Mr. and Mrs. Rothblatt:

    Dear Gabriel:

    For now, I’m going to write a brief note letting both you and you family know that you are appreciated for the time and sacrifice that you offering to attempt to defeat the incumbent Republican Congressman, Mr. Posey. I received a taxpayer paid for mailing from Mr. Posey this week that is so jam-packed with inaccurate information, half-truths and outright horse crap, it’s enough to cause one’s head to explode!

    I personally can’t understand how anyone of retirement age, (as well as has kids coming up into this situation soon), can make a walk into the voting booth and render their vote to the “REPUBLICAN” candidate if informed correctly at all. Right at the top of Mr. Posey’s Senior’s check list he talks with what appears to be an outpouring of compassion of understanding and comforting words letting the constituent know he has you all covered when it comes to Social Security, Medicare, Medicare cuts, frozen Social safety net benefit net benefit payments etc.

    I’ve also noticed how Mr. Posey has tried to smooth over the Government shut-down and promise NASA and other Federal workers will get paid for that Republican shut down disaster! Mr. Posey has also added a paragraph assuring the people of district 8 that he will be working to stop the squeeze on the poor and middle class working people. Mr. Posey also ads action items (with not specifics included), of how he’s going to be involved with JOBS-JOBS-JOBS.

    These are all the same old tired promises! I want to be involved with getting the ward out as to how this congress does nothing but obstruct and participate in spending taxpayer money on Political stunts and Right wing religious agenda items that only the minority of people even want.

    I would also like to see Mr. Posey answer the many questions that so many have about Voting rights, Women rights, and the wicked Gerrymandering that Florida conducts.

    If I can help—- Le me know

    I’m semi-retired @67 years old

    I moved here from Detroit where I was involved in Politics

    Larry Litwiler


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