Pro-Conviction Corruption – Marco Rubio, Charlie Crist

Former FL House Speaker Rubio and Governor Crist’s criminally belated response to conviction corruption is an election-year Trojan Horse – an Innocence Commission that is only reviewing DNA exonerations, despite Florida holding the national record for death row exonerations.  With too few cases to review already, the IC excluded one DNA exoneration from review – prior to convening, sans Sunshine.

John Glisch’s March 2008 confidence in continued corruption wasn’t misplaced in falsely touting Gannett’s investigative reporting in his editorial, “A very dangerous obsession;” there’s no chance that Florida’s Executive, Legislative or Judicial branches will address Brevard/Seminole frame-ups/cover-ups meaningfully unless the composition of one the three powers changes drastically, or until FL elects a Senator – like Kendrick Meek – who has an aversion to letting killers and rapists walk free and will make sure the FBI adheres to their mandate to investigate public corruption that affects trial outcomes.


From: Susan Chandler
Date: March 22, 2008 11:18:55 AM EDT
Cc: Governor Charlie Crist <>,, Stan Mayfield <>, Gerald Bailey <>, Ken Pruitt <>, Marco Rubio <>, Norm Wolfinger <>
Subject: “Mistrust of power was at the heart of our country’s birth . . . “

Dear Mr. Glisch:

Mistrust of power.  Since you brought it up, I’ll express mine.  Years ago, Florida Today called-out Jeb Bush editorially for a special investigation of Brevard’s prosecutors on exonerated Wilton Dedge’s behalf.  Last year, Florida Today called-out Charlie Crist editorially for a special investigation of Brevard’s prosecutors over William Dillon’s clouded conviction.  If Florida Today had meant it — either time — there would have been follow-up editorials until an investigation transpired.

William Dillon’s outsourced DNA test results were due back 50 days ago.  According to the Orlando Sentinel, William’s brother Joe is afraid their mother won’t live to see William exonerated, after waiting 26 years.  Mrs. Dillon has a brain tumor.  Florida Today printed the fact that the DNA results are overdue.  Florida Today will not print why any delay is unusually cruel.

Until Florida Today prints all the news and until its editorials aren’t perfunctory prattle, Florida Today will remain the Kool-Aid that Brevard and Seminole voters will drink once again in November, when they reelect Norm Wolfinger.  Charlie Crist came to Brevard in 2006 for an reinvestigation to serve the dead while the living continued to endure the effects of overzealous prosecutions, and Florida Today fawned over the man with the tan; Gannett Kool-Aid for a November remembered.

Soon, Florida Today will likely call-out Charlie Crist for a special investigation of Brevard’s prosecutors on Jeffrey Abramowski’s behalf.  The moment it appears elsewhere in print, Florida Today will note every dark aspect it failed to cover during the trial.  This time, you’ll even mention his two children, growing up without him.  Once again, there will be no follow-up.

Prove me wrong, Mr. Glisch; win the Pulitzer Prize.  Write about how the Wolf(inger) pack preys on the likes of Wilton Dedge. The prize committee probably likes irony, such as Wolfinger being one of exonerated Juan Ramos’ public defenders and later fighting fiercely to uphold other Harass II convictions, like Dedge’s and Dillon’s.

Florida Today‘s freedom-of-information article was amusing.  When the Brevard innocent are free and compensated for the injustices that Gannett furthered with silence and omissions, I’ll gather up all the e-mails I’ve sent to various e-mail addresses on this subject since 2004 and count them, out of curiosity.  My guess is no more than twenty.

Susan Chandler

“So don’t drink the Kool-Aid. And fight for open government at every turn.”
Pulitzer Prize Nominee, John Glisch,


[Additional information – During Bill Dillon’s trial, a lab report said that neither Bill’s nor the victim’s fluids were on a bloody T-shirt that the prosecutors introduced as evidence anyway – it’s now conclusive that the victim’s blood is on the T-shirt, and that the other DNA is not Bill’s.  Bill was released a year and a half after my email responding to Glisch’s chicanery; thankfully, Bill’s mother’s brain tumor had stabilized, Amy is still alive.

Jeff Abramowski’s frame-up is from this century.  One of the perpetrators, Judy Foley – whose hair was found clutched in victim Cortney Crandall’s hand – died in 2008, escaping prosecution.  Phony dog handler John Preston died in 2008, too, escaping prosecution and making the remaining incarcerations from his nationwide perjuries more difficult to discover.

The link included in my email – from 1999 – indicates that Norm Wolfinger was one of Juan Ramos’ public defenders, and knew all about John Preston’s perjuries prior to taking office in 1985.  Preston was found to be a phony and a perjurer in an Ohio federal court in 1982, prompting Dale Sutton’s release from custody in January of 1983. Gary Bennett was framed using Preston in Brevard … in January of 1984.]

About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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