Appointing George LeMieux = Disparaging Floridians

From: Susan Chandler
Date: July 21, 2010 3:23:05 PM EDT
To: Governor Charlie Crist <>
Subject: Appointing George LeMieux = Disparaging Floridians

Dear Governor Crist:

Knowing that you habitually ignore correspondence, I continue to write to be on record.

Appointing your friend George LeMieux to the Senate was not in the best interests of Floridians. The “mailbox full” undeliverable messages to LeMieux, below, indicates that his incompetent staff keeps LeMieux ignorant of his constituents’ opinions.

Because I’ll publish this email without tacking on all the computer jargon, I’ll list the subjects of the messages kicked back to me from LeMieux, unread: Vote to Restore Unemployment Benefits; Ban Private Prisons; Separation of Oil and State; Protect the Clean Air Act; Please stand up for clean energy; Stop Terrorists from Buying Guns and Explosives; Ratify CEDAW, Ratify Women Now!; Westboro Baptist Church.

Eight messages, seven subjects; first “mailbox full” message April 13th, most recent July 19th, no indication of LeMieux staff learning to stay abreast of what he needs to know in order to follow the will of the people. In all my years of email activism, I don’t recall ever receiving a “mailbox full” message from another senator or representative.

But unread messages are only part of the incompetence. I’ve asked LeMieux repeatedly through his web form to remove his unique subscribe-a-friend feature from his Weekly Updates that had his spin hitting my inbox regularly despite my unsubscribing after each receipt. I also repeatedly asked to be provided with identifying information of of the party or parties who continually re-subscribed me to his Weekly Updates against my will.

Earthlink recentlly walked me through the steps of blocking LeMieux’s Weekly Updates “send” email address. But relief isn’t resolution – others more frail than I may be annoyed on a regular basis despite repeatedly unsubscribing to LeMieux’s Weekly Updates, and every Floridian deserves to have their opinion entertained by their senators.

It would likely take one phone call from you to have LeMieux’s staff attend to received electronic mail, remove the subscribe-a-friend invitation to cyberstalk-a-stranger from his Weekly Update and provide me with the identifying information I requested.

You’ve provided no relief in conjunction with my years of requests to address odious, rampant wrongful conviction and peripheral corruption revealed by exonerations. You even brazenly let Gary Bennett’s case remain in the hands of Orange/Osceola, where the FBI used the same discredited scent expert Brevard/Seminole used against Bennett.

As I recently pointed out to Attorney General Holder in an email, no prominent figure should have confidence in the mainstream media’s machinations after Mother Jones recent shake-up/take-down.

Spilled oil is an entirely appropriate artifice for you to further your ambitions, sir; filth associated with the wealthy that’s almost impossible to contain, let alone clean up, yet easy to disguise if you’re willing to sacrifice the public welfare by adding poison to the mix, like you did in transferring Bennett’s case to from Norm Wolfinger’s unclean hands to Lawson Lamar’s unclean hands.


Susan Chandler


The subject of other “mailbox full” LeMieux rejects since the above was written:  Oppose State Dep’t Designating Afghan Taliban Terrorists; Call for oversight on BP Atlantis; Fair Sentencing Act; Please stop selling our forests now; Support the CARE Act and End Child Labor in Agriculture; Ratify the New START Agreement Without Preconditions; Teach Social Health to Schoolchildren; Please Support a Renewable Energy Standard; Adopt the recommendations of the National Commission on Children and Disasters; Please pass the DISCLOSE Act; Freedom for my husband (Curtis Shuler, Jr.); Alford James McGee, Jr. Due Process; Repeal DADT; Oppose H.R. 5939, the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act; NO 2. 3804 – NO Internet Blacklist.

Almost six months of rejected messages, with only one accepted and responded to: Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Food Safety Modernization Act.

LeMieux described himself in that sole response as “engaged and vigilant.”


Update, 11/4/10 … Two belated responses from LeMieux hit my inbox on 10/7/10, one addressing environmental issues in general and the other addressing the Disclose Act, a mailbox full reject from 9/23/10.  LeMieux reasserted that he’s still “engaged and vigilant.”  Two mailbox full rejects followed, “Cosponsor the Global Conservation Act of 2010” on 10/16/10 and “Say NO to Monsanto’s Dirty Money” today. I think it’s pretty safe to conclude that LeMieux is disengaged and virulent, despite his contrary claims.

About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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